About the Edition


 Editor: A. Méndez-Vilas

Focus of the book series
This series
is composed by full papers written by active researchers in applied microbiology, using current research materials, but presented in a pedagogical-generic way.

Type of contributions
- Original research full papers, with research data from the authors, but presented in a pedagogical or generic way.
- Mini-reviews, that may be thematic in nature, or centred in a specific research group activity. In this case, the work should provide an integrated view of the research carried out by a specific group across the years. The driving force(s) behind the evolution (seen as the reinforcement of some research approaches, refusals of others) of a concrete research group can be of the highest interest for both experts and new arrivals in the field. Despite the great value of this kind of qualitative knowledge, this can be hardly obtained from the fragmented research works disseminated through traditional journals.




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