Environmental Microbiology

Use of Anaerobic-Aerobic Treatment Systems for Maize Processing Installations: Applied Microbiology in Action
C  Durán-de Bazúa, S A  Sánchez-Tovar, M R  Hernández-Morales and M  Bernal-González                                 

Bacterial Adhesion to Food Contacting Surfaces
P  Teixeira, S  Silva, F  Araújo, J  Azeredo and R  Oliveira               

Prolonged Effects of He-Ne Laser Irradiation on Ultrastructure of Mitochondria in Successive Generations of Yeast Cells
V  Manteifel, T  Kart                              

Evaluation of early stages of oral Streptococci biofilm growth by optical microscopy  Effect of antimicrobial agents
C  Cortizo and M  Fernández Lorenzo                     

Quorum-sensing in Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Salmonella: Active natural compounds as antagonists
P  Jiménez-Gómez, M J  Pozuelo de Felipe, F  Llinares Pinell and J  E  García de los Ríos 

A simple technique to detect Klebsiella biofilm-forming-strains  Inhibitory potential of Lactobacillus fermentum CRL 1058 whole cells and products
N C  Maldonado, C  Silva de Ruiz, M  Cecilia and M E Nader-Macias        

Helminths and Sanitation
B E  Jimenez-Cisneros and C  Maya-Rendon                   

Algae and Protozoa Communities on Solid Matters in Jingyuetan Lake, Chuangchun, China
D Dong, L Liu, X Hua, F Yang and S Dong                    

Biophotolysis-based Hydrogen Production by Cyanobacteria and Green Microalgae
J  Yu and P  Takahashi                           

Isolation and Characterization of a Heterotrophic Bacterium Able to Grow in Different Environmental Stress Conditions, Including Crude Oil and Heavy Metals
E  Diestra, I  Esteve, M  Burnat, J  Maldonado and A  Solé               

Biodegradation of cyanide-containing wastes by Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes CECT5344
M  I  Igeño, E  Orovengua, M  I  Guijo, F  Merchán, A  Quesada and R  Blasco      

Interactions between Metals and Bacteria: Fundamental and Applied Research
M L  Merroun                                

Why do food and drink smell like earth?
R R M  Paterson, A  Venâncio and N  Lima                     

Activity of ribosomes and tmRNA of Streptomyces aureofaciens during development and stress conditions induced by changes in temperature and the presence of antibiotics
K  Mikulík and P Palečková                           

Nutrient effects on ten Streptomyces spp  sporulation
M  H  Kontro, U  Lignella, A  Hyvärinena, M  Vahteristoa, M -R  Hirvonena and A  Nevalainena                                

Biomineralization induced by Myxobacteria
C  Jimenez-Lopez, F  Jroundi, M  Rodríguez-Gallego, J  M  Arias and M T  Gonzalez-

DNA replication and Pathogenecity of MYMIV
D K  Singh, S  Karjee, P S  Malik, N  Islam and S K  Mukherjee            

Glycoproteins of sugarcane plants facilitate the infectivity of Ustilago scitaminea and Xanthomonas albilineans, two sugarcane pathogens
M  Blanch, M E  Legaz, A M  Millanes and C  Vicente               

In the light of the haloarchaea metabolism
M J Bonete, M Camacho, R M Martínez-Espinosa, J  Esclapez, V Bautista, C Pire, B Zafrilla, S Díaz, F Pérez-Pomares and F Llorca                 

Effect of abiotic stress on Chlamydomonas acidophila viability
I  Garbayo, M J  Domínguez, J  Vigara and JM Vega               

FAS or PKS, lipid biosynthesis and stable carbon isotope fractionation in deep-sea piezophilic bacteria
Jiasong Fang and Chiaki Kato                        

The fungus Mucor racemosus as a model of phenotypic multidrug resistance in lower eukaryotes
K  A  McGee and G  Shearer                          

The recognition pattern of green algae by lichenized fungi can be extended to lichens containing a cyanobacterium as photobiont
M  Sacristán, M  Vivas, A M  Millanes, B  Fontaniella, C  Vicente and M  E  Legaz     

Role, Circulation and Molecular Characterization of Integrons and ICEs in Clinical and Environmental Vibrio
D  Ceccarelli and M  M  Colombo                        

Industrial and Food Microbiology

Fungal laccase – a versatile enzyme for biotechnological applications
A  Kunamneni, A  Ballesteros, F J  Plou and M  Alcalde               

Thiol stress induces catalaseA in Streptomyces coelicolor
H  Vekaria, K  Sadagopan, J  Adamec, G K  Jarori and C R  Prabha          

A Glance on Pseudomonas aeruginosa Phosphorylcholine Phosphatase, an Enzyme whose Synthesis Depends on the Presence of Choline in its Environment
A T  Lisa, P R  Beassoni, M J  Massimelli, L H  Otero and C E  Doménech      

Continuous Production of Urokinase by Alginate-Immobilized Cells of a Mutated MPGN Kidney Cell Line in an Airlift Bioreactor
R  B  Devi, A  Kunamneni, T  Prabhakar, F J  Plou and  P  Ellaiah            

Heterologous products from the yeast Kluyveromyces lactis: exploitation of KlPDC1, a single-gene based system
C  Micolonghi, E  Corsi, R  Conte and M M  Bianchi               

Natural Ribosomally Synthesized Circular Proteins
M  Sánchez-Hidalgo, M  Montalbán-López, M  Martínez-Bueno, E  Valdivia and
M  Maqueda                               

Biosynthesis, biodegradation, and application of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) and its copolymers - natural polyesters produced by diazotrophic bacteria
A P  Bonartsev, V L  Myshkina, D A  Nikolaeva, E K  Furina, T A  Makhina, V A Livshits, A P  Boskhomdzhiev, E A  Ivanov, A L  Iordanskii and G A

Comparative Study of the Effect of Iron on Citrate-producing Yeast Growing on Different Substrates
S  Anastassiadis, S  V  Kamzolova, I G  Morgunov and H J  Rehm           

Simultaneous production and decomposition of different rifamycins during Amycolatopsis mediterranei growth in shake flask and in stirred tank bioreactor
H A  El Enshasy, A F  El Baz and E M  Ammar                 

Anti-aflatoxigenic activity of some bacteria related with fermentation
Jong-Gyu Kim                               

Folate production by lactic acid bacteria and other food-grade microorganisms
J  G  LeBlanc, G  S  de Giori, E J  Smid, J  Hugenholtz and F  Sesma          

Biosurfactant Production from olive oil by Pseudomonas fluorescens
M  Abouseoud, R  Maachi and A  Amrane                    

UV-A promotes long-term carotenoid production of Dunaliella in photobioreactors with retention of cell viability
B  Mogedas, A  Salguero, C  Casal and C  Vílchez                

Enhancement of carotenoid production in Nannochloropsis by phosphate and sulphur limitation
E  Forján, I  Garbayo, C  Casal and C  Vílchez                   

Elaboration of efficient bio-additives for plant growth acceleration on the basis of mixed microbial cultures and cell promoters
A Vinarov and E Dirina                            

Genetically modified yeasts as a new oral drug delivery system: from in vitro to in vivo validation of the concept
S  Blanquet-Diot, G  Garrait, J F  Jarrige and M  Alric                

Potential of solid-state fermentation for laccase production
J  L  Toca-Herrera, J  F  Osma and S  Rodríguez Couto              

INDISIM-YEAST, an individual-based model to study yeast population in batch cultures
M  Ginovart, J  Xifré, D  López and M  Silbert                   

A Strategy to Compare Yeast Strains and Improve Cell Survival in Ethanol Production Processes above 30°C
C S  Souza, K F  Oliveira, H C  Trevisan and C  Laluce              

Immobilisation of yeasts for continuous fermentation
C M S G  Baptista, J M A  Cóias, A C M  Oliveira and J M S  Rocha          

Microbial resources and industrial microbial processes design and behavior
M  Hamdi                                

Analyzing microbial consortia for biotechnological processes design
J L  Navarrete-Bolaños, O  Serrato-Joya, E  Botello-Alvarez, H  Jimenez-Islas, M  Cardenas-Manriquez, E  Conde-Barajas and R  Rico-Martínez, R               

Simple and efficient method of bacterial polysaccharides purification for vaccines production using hydrolytic enzymes and tangential flow ultrafiltration
V  Maimoni Gonçalves, M Takagi, T  Souza Carmo, R  Barbosa Lima, S  Maria Ferreira Albani, J  Ventura Pinto, T  Cristina Zangirolami, R  de Campos Giordano, M  Massako Tanizaki and J  Cabrera-Crespo                         

Functional foods, mucosal immunity and aging: effect of probiotics on intestinal immunity in young and old rats
K  Thoreux, R  Owen and D L  Schmucker                   

Probiotics: 100 years (1907-2007) after Elie Metchnikoff’s Observation
K C  Anukam and G  Reid                           

Biopreservation, an ecological approach to improve the safety and shelf-life of foods
S  Ananou, M  Maqueda, M  Martínez-Bueno and E  Valdivia            

Microbiological quality of commercial dairy products
L  Varga                                  

A faster and more economical alternative to the standard plate count (SPC) method for microbiological analyses of raw milks
P  Munsch-Alatossava, H  Rita and T  Alatossava                 

Nitrogen metabolism in lactic acid bacteria from fruits: a review
M  C  Manca de Nadra                           

Sous-vide cooking of traditional meat products: effect on the microbiology of dry-cured pork foreleg
A  Cobos and O  Diaz                            

Salmonella vaccines
C  Gamazo and J M  Irache





Identification and characterization of Aspergillus flavus and aflatoxins
P  Rodrigues, C  Soares, Z  Kozakiewicz, R R M  Paterson, N  Lima and A Venâncio  

Yeast molecular identification and typing
J  Alcoba-Flórez, M P  Arévalo-Morales, E  Pérez-Roth, F  Laich, B  Rivero-Pérez and S  Méndez-Álvarez                               

Human Papillomaviruses Genotyping by Pyrosequencing Method
B Y  Zheng, B  Gharizadeh and KL Wallin                   

Different strategies for purification of antimicrobial peptides from Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB)
E  Vera Pingitore, E  Salvucci, F  Sesma and M  E  Nader-Macías            

Development of PCR-based molecular tools for the detection of emerging food- ad water-borne pathogenic bacteria
L  Beneduce and G  Spano                           

The applications of microbes in environmental monitoring
R  Marinšek Logar and M  Vodovnik                      

Extraction and quantification of pigments from a marine microalga: a simple and reproducible method
M  Henriques, A  Silva and J  Rocha                       

Behavior of redox potentials in artificial wetlands models: A tool for controlling its efficiency
A  Guido-Zárate, G  Buitrón-Méndez, P  Mijaylova-Nacheva and C  Durán-de-Bazúa  

Improvement of simple cultivation conditions for polysaccharide synthesis by Haemophilus influenzae type b
M  Takagi, T C  Zangirolami, M M  Tanizaki and J  Cabrera-Crespo           

Peptaibols of Trichoderma atroviride: screening, identification, and structure elucidation by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
R  Schuhmacher, N  Stoppacher and S  Zeilinger                   

Learning to Operate Anaerobic Bioreactors
A  Franco, A  Mosquera-Corral, J L  Campos and E  Roca             

Fractal Analysis of Binding and Dissociation of Protein-Analyte Interactions on Biosensor Surfaces
Kennon Shelton and Ajit Sadana                       

Cationic Liposomes as Antimicrobial Agents
E  M  Mamizuka and A  M  Carmona-Ribeiro                    

PhD (Per hour Doctor): a ludic, interactive, educational activity using microscopy
M  A  Vannier-Santos and E  Deccache-Maia

Medical and Veterinay Microbiology, Medical Genetics

Smallpox: an old disease but still a threat in the XXI century
J  E  García de los Ríos and P A  Jiménez-Gómez                 

New approaches in pertussis vaccines for developing countries
W  O  Dias, L  C C  Leite, D  S P Q  Horton, M  A  Sakauchi, F  S  Kubrusly, N Furuyama, I  P  Nascimento, W  Quintilio, H  G  Higashi and I  Raw              

Bovine papillomavirus infections in animals
G  Borzacchiello                              

Human papilloma virus infection and cervical cancer: pathogenesis and epidemiology
D  Tena Gómez and J  López Santos                       

Virus-Like Particles as a vaccinal strategy against tumors induced by papillomavirus infection
E  C  Coimbra, H  M  de Souza, M  C  G  Leitão, J  F  dos Santos, W  Beçak, R  C  Stocco dos Santos and A  C  Freitas                        

Papillomavirus DNA detection in non epithelial tissues: a discussion about bovine papillomavirus
A C  Freitas, M A R  Silva, C C R  Carvalho, E H  Birgel Jr , J  F  dos Santos, W  Beçak and R  C  Stocco dos Santos                            

Role Of Gut Flora In Inflammatory Bowel Disease- A State Of Art
J  Paul, A K  Verma and R  Verma                       

Non-Candida albicans Candida yeasts of the oral cavity
J H  Meurman, E  Siikala, M  Richardson and R  Rautemaa              

Effect of a medium simulating vaginal fluid on the growth and expression of beneficial characteristics of potentially probiotic lactobacilli
M S J  Tomás and M E  Nader-Macías                       

Comparative effect of viable, heat- killed or sonicated Lactobacillus fermentum CRI 1058 in the protection of uropathogenic E  coli in the urinary tract of a murine experimental model
C S  de Ruiz and M E F  Nader-Macías                      

Lactobacillus adhesion to epithelial cells from bovine vagina
M C  Otero and M E  Nader-Macías                        

Insights in the Human Bifidobacterial Flora Through Culture-Dependent and Independent Techniques
A  Léké, M B  Romond and C  Mullié                     

Molecular epidemiology of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
R H  Deurenberg, S  Kalenic, A W  Friedrich, F H  van Tiel and E E  Stobberingh     

Toxigenicity in Staphylococcus with emphasis on coagulasenegative staphylococci
M L R S  Cunha and R A O  Calsolari                     

The Variability in the Fungal Ribosomal DNA (ITS1, ITS2, and 5 8 S rRNA Gene): Its Biological Meaning and Application in Medical Mycology
M  Korabecna                                

Human herpesvirus 6 in neurological diseases
M  Koskiniemi and J O Virtanen                       

Antimicrobial resistance in ß-hemolytic streptococci in Argentina
H  Lopardo                                 

Antiviral drug discovery: HIV-1 RNase H, the next hit target
F  Esposito, L  Zinzula and E  Tramontano                   

The Cell Biology of Virulence – Lessons from the Pathogenic Fungus Cryptococcus neoformans
J C  Panepinto and P R  Williamson                        

Differentiation and apoptosis in the sleeping sickness inducing parasite Trypanosoma brucei
V  Denninger, K  Figarella, B  Kubata and M  Duszenko               

The Role of Extracellular Matrix in the Development of Experimental Cardiac Hypertrophy
W  Briest                                 

Diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis
N  Santarém and A  Cordeiro-da-Silva                       

Diversity of G-type and P-type of human and animal rotaviruses and its genetic background
N  Kobayashi, M  Ishino, Y-H 
Wang, M  Chawla-Sarkar, T  Krishnan and T N  Naik  

Detection of persistent polioviruses in patients with the postpolio syndrome
A  Baj, G  Maccari and A  Toniolo                       

Identification and characterization of influenza virus isolated from Brazilian snakes
D A P  Mancini, R M Z Mendonça, A H N Kawamoto, M  Giorgetti, H G  Trindade, W  Fernandes, K F  Grego, M M  Antoniazzi, C  Jared and J R  Pinto          

Modification of Baculovirus for Gene Therapy
You-Kyoung Kim, Hu-Lin Jiang, Yeon-Ho Je, Myung-Haing Cho and Chong-Su Cho    

What can bacteriophages do for us?
P  Veiga-Crespo, J  Barros-Velázquez and T G  Villa               

Viral Encephalitis through years  A changing panorama, a review
M Koskiniemi                               

Designs and antiviral activity of gene-based drugs
A P  Carroll, J P  Wong and M J  Cairns                    

A full complement of transfer RNA genes in the Candida albicans genome
J  Fan, F  Savard, M  Wu and S -H  Shen                      

Sequence analysis reveals complex mutational processes for allele length variation at two polymorphic microsatellite loci in Candida albicans
P  Sampaio, A  Correia, L Gusmão, A Amorim and C  Pais              

The Effect of Vector with Higher Control System in hbFGF Leaky Expression in Escherichia coli
Hasan Mirzahoseini, Nafiseh S  Mohammadi, Marzieh Arabi, Hamed Arfaee1 and Eskandar Omidinia                                    

mRNA stability and control of cell proliferation
C  Mazzoni                                       



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