Science against Microbial Pathogens: Communicating Current 
  Research and Technological Advances


Science against Microbial Pathogens: Communicating Current Research and Technological Advances


CONTENTS VOL. 1 (pp. 1-691)
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Chemical and physical agents

Antimicrobial activity of natural photosensitizing anthraquinones

S.C. Núñez Montoya, L.R. Comini and J.L. Cabrera

Examining the efficacy of silver and cadexomer iodine dressings in treating wounds compromised by bacterial burden: A review of the literature

C. Miller 

Mefloquine derivatives : synthesis, mechanisms of action, antimicrobial activities

Alexandra Dassonville-Klimpt, Alexia Jonet, Marine Pillon, Catherine Mullié and Pascal Sonnet

Antimicrobial efficiency of functionalized cellulose fibres as potential medical textiles

Tijana Ristić, Lidija Fras Zemljič, Monika Novak, Marjetka Kralj Kunčič, Silva Sonjak, Nina Gunde Cimerman and Simona Strnad 

Fusogenic liposomes as new carriers to enlarge the spectrum of action of antibiotic drugs against Gram-negative bacteria

Rosario Pignatello, Daria Nicolosi and Vito Mar Nicolosi

Antifungal free fatty acids: A Review

Carolina H. Pohl, Johan L.F. Kock and Vuyisile S. Thibane

Quinoline scaffold as a privileged substructure in antimicrobial drugs

R. Musiol, T. Magdziarz and A. Kurczyk

Immobilized Antimicrobial Agents: A Critical Perspective

John-Bruce D. Green, Timothy Fulghum and Mark A.  Nordhaus

Antimicrobial polymers for textile products

A. Varesano, C. Vineis, A. Aluigi and F. Rombaldoni 

Psychoactive drugs against effects of stress in infectious and non-infectious viral diseases

S. Novío, M.J. Núñez-Iglesias and M. Freire-Garabal

Polymer materials against the microorganism’s attack
Yu. Savelyev

Novel immune-pharmacological approaches for the treatment of bacterial invasive infections

Mónica D. Sparo  and Sergio F. Sánchez Bruni 

Antibacterial activity of materials synthesized from clay minerals

M. E. Parolo, L. G. Fernández, I. Zajonkovsky, M. P. Sánchez and M. Baschini 

The use of biocides for the protection of library documents: before and now

T. Velikova, E. Trepova and T. Rozen

The structural requirement of direct InhA inhibitors for high potency against M. Tuberculosis based on computer aided molecular design

A. Punkvang, P. Kamsri, A. Kumkong, K. Kunasa, P. Saparpakorn, S. Hannongbua, P. Wolschann and

P. Pungpo 

Structural modification of organic compounds by chemical synthesis to develop new antimicrobials

J.C. Espinoza-Hicks, A. Camacho-Dávila, G.V. Nevárez-Moorillón

Mini review: Antimicrobial strategies in the production of fresh-cut lettuce products

Ö. Tirpanalan , M. Zunabovic, K. J. Domig and W.Kneifel 

Nanostructured Carriers for Photodynamic Therapy Applications in microbiology

João Paulo Figueiró Longo, Luis Alexandre Muehlmann and Ricardo Bentes de Azevedo

Nanoparticles and their potential application as antimicrobials

Ravishankar Rai V and Jamuna Bai A 

Metal nanostructures as antibacterial agents

J. Díaz-Visurraga, C. Gutiérrez, C. von Plessing and A. García 

Bactericidal silver nanoparticles present an antiangiogenic effect in the Chorioallantoic Membrane Model (CAM)

S. E. A. Will, P. O. Favaron, M. A. Pavez, L. C. Florentino,  D. Soares, F. C. Oliveira, R. E. G. Rici, M. A. Miglino, D. Alcântara, E. M. Mamizuka, R. S. Silva, I. M. Cuccovia, D. A.Maria and L. F. Gomes 

Bionanoparticles: synthesis and antimicrobial applications

K. Sahayaraj and S. Rajesh

Antimicrobial activity of aluminium oxide nanoparticles for potential clinical applications

Amitava Mukherjee, Mohammed Sadiq I., Prathna T.C. and N. Chandrasekaran

Phenotypic switching: an opportunity to bacteria thrive

A. M. Sousa, I. Machado and M. O. Pereira

Research on ozone application as disinfectant and action mechanisms on wastewater microorganisms

M. N. Rojas-Valencia 

Gamma radiation against toxigenic fungi in food, medicinal and aromatic herbs

S. Aquino

Solar technologies for plant microbial pathogens inactivation on water

M. I. Polo-López, I. García-Fernández, P. Fernández-Ibáñez

Factors that Influence the Electric Field Effects on Fungal Cells

Maricica Stoica, Gabriela Bahrim and Geta Cârâc

Determination of heavy metals and other indicators in waters, soils and medicinal plants from Ave valley, in Portugal, and its correlation to urban and industrial pollution

Pinto D, Fernandes A, Fernandes R, Mendes I, Pereira S, Vinha A, Herdeiro T, Santos E and Machado M

Clinical microbiology

Antimicrobial Sutures: New Strategy in Surgical Site Infections

Chatchai Mingmalairak 

Encapsulation of a biocide in a starch- oil microemulsion lotion: antimicrobial activity and clinical safety of benzalkonium chloride

John J. Wille 

Extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing bacteria: an emerging clinical concern
Yong Chong 

Treatment of respiratory tract infections with fluoroquinolones in Belgium

S. Simoens 

Separation of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) from motile sperm using a continuous density gradient and subsequent swim-up

Naoaki Kuji, Shingo Kato, Hideji Hanabusa and Yasunori Yoshimura 

Viral infections in the pediatric oncology patient

Maria Moschovi, Maria Adamaki and Ioannis Kopsidas 

Clinical significance and antimicrobial susceptibility of rapidly growing mycobacteria

L. García-Agudo and P. García-Martos

Novel Intervention Strategy against Tuberculosis: Insights from Graph Theory and Systems Biology

Veeky Baths and Utpal Roy 

Mini-Review: Biological control of bovine mastitis using bacteriophage therapy

I.H. Basdew and M.D. Laing

Risk assessment and new developing strategies to reduce prevalence of campylobacter spp. In broiler chicken meat

Djamel Djenane and Pedro Roncalés

Adverse drug reactions following immunization in Danish children: retrospective analysis of spontaneous reports submitted to the Danish Medicines Agency

Lise Aagaard, Erik Wind Hansen and Ebba Holme Hansen

Antimicrobial properties of plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF-ENDORET) technology

Anitua E, Muruzabal F and Orive G 

Application of Prime-Boost as a Novel Vaccination Strategy Against Microbial Pathogens

De Gaspari 

New Strategies to Control Vascular Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection with Emphasis on Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

M. L. Ribeiro de Souza da Cunha and L. T. Pazzini 

Behaviour against β-lactams in Aeromonas spp. isolated from extraintestinal infections

M. Quiroga and M. Vergara

Antimicrobial susceptibility of Streptococcus agalactiae isolated from pregnant women in Misiones, Argentina

M. Quiroga, E. Pegels, P. Oviedo, M. Laczeski and M. Vergara

Importance of pre-operative skin and nail preparation of the foot and intra-operative surgical irrigation in reducing infection after surgical nail avulsion

R. Becerro de Bengoa Vallejo, M.E. Losa Iglesias, L. Alou Cervera, D. Sevillano Fernandez and J. Prieto Prieto

Selective Decontamination of the Digestive Tract (SDD), a standard of care

Richard E Sarginson, Andy J Petros, Nia Taylor, Mark A Fox, Ian Weir, Luciano Silvestri, Hendrick KF van Saene and Miguel Angel de la Cal

Antimicrobial implants and bone allografts: new uses for old antibiotics

Constantinos Ketonis , Noreen Hickok and Javad Parvizi

War against mastitis: Current concepts on controlling bovine mastitis pathogens

Cristina Bogni, Liliana Odierno, Claudia Raspanti, José Giraudo, Alejandro Larriestra, Elina Reinoso, Mirta Lasagno, Mirian Ferrari, Edith Ducrós, Cecilia Frigerio, Susana Bettera, Matías Pellegrino, Ignacio Frola,

Silvana Dieser and Claudina Vissio 

Molecular techniques for detection and control of nosocomial infections caused by Acinetobacter baumannii

E. Sevillano and L. Gallego

Sesamol attenuates systemic inflammation-associated acute kidney injury in polymicrobial infectious rats

Y. H. Li, D. Z. Hsu and M. Y. Liu 

Genomics and proteomics approaches to understand virulence of Entamoeba histolytica

C. López-Camarillo, E. Azuara-Liceaga, A. Zamorano, O. Hernández de la Cruz, I. López Rosas and  L. Marchat
Combination therapy: Synergism between natural plant extracts and antibiotics against infectious diseases
Sumitra Chanda and Kalpna Rakholiya

In situ antimicrobial activity of chlorhexidine in the oral cavity

Tomás I, Rubido S and Donos N 

Chitosan as an oral antimicrobial agent

Morgana Maria Souza Gadelha de Carvalho, Thayza C. Montenegro Stamford, Emerson Pereira dos Santos, Pedro Tenório and Fabio Sampaio 

The in silico prediction of bacterial essential genes

I.A.M. Cooper and M.L. Duffield

Bioinformatics for the identification of antimicrobial targets in oral bacteria

Andréa Cristina Barbosa da Silva and Thaís Gaudêncio do Rêgo 

A formulation of olive oils (oHo®) shows potent antimicrobial activities in vitro and in patients with atopic dermatitis (AD) colonized by S. aureus. Other clinical results in AD and atopy

V.G. Villarrubia, V. Pérez-Bañasco, J.M. Gil-Cunquero, F. Borrego-Utiel, R. Cisterna-Cáncer and

S. Vidal-Asensi

Methods that discriminate immobilized from eluting mechanisms of kill

John-Bruce D. Green 

Quorum quenching – an alternative antimicrobial therapeutics

Sunita Adak, Lakshmishri Upadrasta, S.P. Jeevan Kumar, Rahul Soni and Rintu Banerjee

Cytokines, key players to turn on/off the anti-Trypanosoma cruzi innate defense mechanisms

Eugenio A. Carrera-Silva, Susana Gea and Natalia Guiñazú

Role of exogenous chemokines as immunotherapeutic tool against visceral leishmaniasis

G. Gupta , R. Dey, S. Bhattacharyya and S. Majumdar 

Phagocyte and extra-phagocyte myeloperoxidase-mediated microbicidal action

Robert C. Allen  and Jackson T. Stephens, Jr.

New platforms for the diagnosis and identification of fungal and bacterial pathogens

G. Gelsomino, R. Faedda, C. Rizza, G. Petrone and S.O. Cacciola

Antimicrobials: old tools, new approaches

Melo, Geraldo Batista de and Moreira, Michel Rodrigues

Use of the xenobiotic extrusion pump, MexAB-OprM, of Pseudomonas aeruginosa as a reporter to construct a high throughput screening system for the development of novel antimicrobials

H. Yoneyama, K. Akiba, T. Ando and E. Isogai 

Strategies for Vaccination and Control of Apicomplexan Protozoan Parasites

Michael Wallach

Advance photodynamic inactivation of dental pathogenic microorganisms with water-soluble and cationic phthalocyanines
Vanya Mantareva, Veselin Kussovski, Ivan Angelov and Slavcho Dimitrov

Effectiveness of photodynamic therapy on Gram-negative bacteria

Wanessa C. M. A Melo, Lucas F. Castro, Roberta M. M. T. S. Dal’Mas and Janice R. Perussi
Science against microbial pathogens: photodynamic therapy approaches

Constance L.L. Saw 

An Introduction to Photoantimicrobials: Photodynamic Therapy as a Novel Method of Microbial Pathogen Eradication

Tyler G. St. Denis and Michael R. Hamblin

New techniques in antimicrobial photodynamic therapy: scope of application and overcoming drug resistance in nosocomial infections

Faina Nakonechny,  Marina Nisnevitch, Yeshayahu Nitzan and Michael A. Firer 

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