FORMATEX Microscopy Book Series



Add to article collectionUsting Atomic Force Microscopy to Observe Nano-Size Water Droplets on Several Materials Surfaces and Evaluate their Wettabilities
Rongguang Wang and Mitsuo Kido
pp. 10-16

Add to article collectionAFM Study on Kinetic Surface Roughening of Ni Thin Films in Electrodeposition and in Anodic Dissolution
M. Saitou
pp. 17-23

Add to article collectionScanning Tunneling Microscopy Investigations of Elementary Surface Processes
F. Rosei

pp. 24-33

Add to article collectionRecent Advances in Materials Sciences Based Specimen Preparation.
Anne Simpson, Adam Sikorski and Simon Ringer
pp. 34-42

Add to article collectionThe Scanning Tunneling Microscope as a Unique Tool to Investigate the Interaction Between Complex Molecules and Metal Surfaces
Federico Rosei, Michael Schunack, Flemming Besenbacher
pp. 43-51

Add to article collectionQuantitative Analysis of AFM Data in Materials Science: Case Study of Pb and In Surfaces
Marta Marszaek
pp. 52-59

Add to article collectionAFM Analysis of Nanoparticles of Iron Oxides
Milan Vůjtek, Roman Kubínek, Radek Zbořil
pp. 60-68

Add to article collectionReview of Optical Fiber Characterization using Atomic Force Microscopy in Australia
pp. 69-75

Add to article collectionNanoacoustics - High-Frequency Acoustic Wave Fields Under the Microscope
Thorsten Hesjedal
pp. 76-83

Add to article collectionScanning Probe Microscopy Studies of Ge/Si Surfaces
pp. 84-92

Add to article collectionApplications of AFM in Fabrication and Etch of High-K thin Film
pp. 93-98

Add to article collectionTemperature Dependence of Cathodoluminescence Signal
pp. 99-105

Add to article collectionIn-Situ High Temperature Observations of Moving Boundaries During the Austenite to Ferrite Phase Transformation in Steels
pp. 106-111

Add to article collectionMicroscopes Clusters Applied to Two Case Studies: Cermets and Amorphous Carbon
G.Valdre, U.Valdre, A.Alessandrini
pp. 112-119

Add to article collectionGrazing Incidence Electron Microscopy  for Non-Destructive Structural Analysis of Sub-micron Surface Protrusions
S.Muto, T.Tanabe, S.Igarashi
pp. 120-126

Add to article collectionOperation of Semiconductors Devices Visualized by SEM
S. Mil'shtein
pp. 127-134

Add to article collectionElectromagnetic Fluctuation-Dissipative Interactions of Mobile Particles and Nanoprobes Moving Near a Surface
pp. 135-142

Add to article collectionAnalysis of Nanostructures in Aluminium Alloys by Energy-Filtering Transmission Electron Microscopy
K.Matsuda, S.Ikeno
pp. 143-151

Add to article collectionHRTEM Study of Nano-Precipitation Phases in 6000 Series Alluminium Alloys
K.Matsuda, S.Ikeno, T.Sato
pp. 152-162

Add to article collectionEBIC Assessment of Minority and Majority carriers properties in semiconductors
pp. 163-171

Add to article collectionThe Application of Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy to Metallurgical Research
pp. 172-178

Add to article collectionDevelopment and Application of the Electron Beam Induced Current Technique in a Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope for Electrical Characterization of Nanometer Scale Semiconductor Devices
K.L.Bunker, J.C.Gonzalez, A.D.Batchelor, T.J.Stark, P.E.Russell
pp. 179-186

Add to article collectionTranmission Electron Microscopy in Semiconductor Manufacturing
H.Steigmann, Hans-Jürgen Engelman, E.Zschech
pp. 187-199

Add to article collectionEnergy-dispersive X-Ray Mapping in the Scanning Trasmission Electron Microscope (STEM-EDX) for Microstructure Characterization of High Performance Alloys
U.E.Klotz, C.Solenthaler
pp. 200-207

Add to article collectionInteraction Dislocation/free Surface in a Thin Foil Observed by TEM
pp. 208-215

Add to article collectionTransmission Electron Microscopy of Deformation and Fracture in Polymers
pp. 216-223

Add to article collectionAtomic Structure Analysis of Advanced Materials by High-Resolution Electron Microscopy
pp. 224-234

Add to article collectionElectron Microscopic Studies on the Structure and Deformation Mechanism of Ti-V-Al Alloy
pp. 235-240

Add to article collectionMeasurement of Fault Plane Energies by Weak-Beam in Intermetallics
p. 241-248

Add to article collectionAnalytical Transmission Electron Microscopy of Nanostructured Polymer Nanocomposites
R.Thomann, R.J.Spontak
pp. 249-255

Add to article collectionTransverse Radiation Force Exerted upon Low-index Micro-particles by Gaussian Laser Beam
H.Furukawa, S.Hirose, K.Tenjimbayashi
p. 256-260

Add to article collectionQuantitative 3D Characterization of Metallic Microstructures
J.Tirel, D.N.Hanlon, N.C.W.Kuijpers, S. van der Zwaag
pp. 261-266

Add to article collectionStudy by SEM-CL of Optical Transitions with High Lateral and In-Depth Resolution is Semiconducting Heterostuctures and Devices
pp. 267-277


Add to article collectionElectro-Optical Characterization of Inflammatory Agents Induced Permeability of Endothelials Cells on Semiconductors Microelectrodes Arrays
A.Abdelghani, C.Abdelghani-Jacquin, E.Sackman
p. 278-286

Add to article collectionOn the Effeciency of Some Histological Techniques as Biomarker For Heavy Metal Pollution
A.T. AbdAllah
pp. 287-296

Add to article collectionPrinciples of the Detection of Single Molecules in Microscopy
G.Jung, E.Kneuper, L.Seyfarth, A.Zumbusch
p. 297-303

Add to article collectionMicroscopic Image Analysis Using Mathematical Morphology: Application
to Haematological Cytology
J.Angulo, G.Flandrin
p. 304-312

Add to article collectionX-Ray Microanalysis in Botanical Research
B.Frey, K.Zierold
p. 313-324

Add to article collectionImaging and Quantitative Data Adquisition of Biological Cells and Soft Tissues with Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
B.R.Tittman, C.Miyasaka
p. 325-344

Add to article collectionExamining Spatio-Temporal Dynamics in Cell Nuclei by Image Processing Methods
C.Athale, M.Gebhard, R.Eils
pp. 345-351

Add to article collectionScanning Electron Microscopy of Inmobilized Whole Cells: A Case Studies on the Hydrogen Production Using Inmobilized Enterobacter cloacae IIT-BT 08
N.Kumar, N.Roy, J.Mishra, L.Mukherjee, D.Das
pp. 352-362

Add to article collectionAppliecation of the ESEM in Dental Research of the Dentin-Resin Interface
J.D.Eick, F.A. de Wet, P.J.van der Vyver, V.M.Dusevich
pp. 363-370

Add to article collectionPreparation of Biological Samples to Identify-Quantify Inorganic Particles by SEM-EDS
E.Belluso, E.Fornero, S.Capella, D.Bellis, S.Coverlizza
pp. 371-376

Add to article collectionLight Sheet Microscopy for Microbial Studies in Aquatic Environments
E. Fuch, J.S. Jaffe
pp. 377-384

Add to article collectionPost-Embedding Inmunoelectron Microscopy Method in Visualization of Acidic Instracellular Compartments
F. Eiampor
pp. 385-389

Add to article collectionIntercellular Spaces in Primary Cultures of Human Oral Keratinocytes After Different Treatments: Microscopy and Quantitative Image Analysis Techniques
A.Gasparoni, G.K.Johnson, C.A.Squier, L.Fonzi
pp. 390-395

Add to article collectionThe Complexity and the Microscopy in the Biological Sciences
F.Grizzi, B.Franceschini, M.Chiriva-Internati, P.L.Hermonat, G.Shah, P.C.Muzzio, N.Dioguardi
pp. 396-404

Add to article collectionStrategies of Electron Microscopy in the Diagnosis and Characterization of Emerging Infections
M.I.Herrera, A.Vivo, E.Perez-Pastrana, Y.Santa-Maria, J.A. Fernandez del Campo, L.Cuevas
pp. 405-412

Add to article collectionStereologic Analysis of Isolated Rat Ventricular Myocytes using the Method of Vertical Sections
I.Zahradnik, J.Gaburjáková, L.Kubínová, M.Novotová
pp. 413-419

Add to article collectionScanning Electron Microscopy in Paleoantropological Research
A.Romero, J. de Juan
pp. 420-430

Add to article collectionNon-radioactive TEM in situ-PCR Techniques Applied to the Detection of Pollen Allergen mRNAs
J. D.Alche, A.J.Castro, M.I.Rodriguez-Garcia
pp. 431-436

Add to article collectionUltrastructure of the Cell Envelope of Gram-negative Bacteria: A Freeze-Fracture Study
pp. 437-444

Add to article collectionInmunochemical Probes for Microscopy Study of the Plan Cell Walls
pp. 445-454

Add to article collectionThree-dimensional Visualization of  Bile Canaliculi in the Rat Liver Slice by Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy
K. Yoneyama
pp. 455-463

Add to article collectionAssesment of Cellular Damage by Inverted Fluorescent Microscopy
H.Kolarova, R.Kubinek, M.Strnad
pp. 464-468

Add to article collectionProtein Free Spreading Method for Electron Microscopic Studies of DNA Compaction Stimulated by Internations with Histone H1 in Surface Films
L.Martinkina, V.Yu. Yurchenko, Y. Yu. Vengerov
pp. 469-475

Add to article collectionApplication of Electronic Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy Techniques to the Ultrastructural Studies of DNA Complexes with Synthetic Oligopeptide
L.Martinkina, D.V.Klinov, V.V.Demin, Y. Yu. Vengerov
pp. 476-482

Add to article collectionAnalysis of Cyanobacteria Biodiversity in Pristine and Polluted Microbial Mats in Microcosms by Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy (CLSM)
Llirós, M.; Munill, X.; Solé, A.; Martinez-Alonso, M.; Diestra, E. and Esteve, I.
pp. 483-489

Add to article collectionHepatitis C Virus Particles Detected by Inmunogold Electron Microscopy
M.Kaito, S.Watanabe, M.Kohara, K.Tsukiyama-Kohara, S.Ishida, M.Takeo, H.Tanaka, S.Horiike, N.Fujita, M.Iwasa, E.C.Gabazza, J.Ikoma, Y.Adachi
pp. 490-498

Add to article collectionStarch Image in Living Water Plants Observed by Optical Second Harmonic Microscopy
G.Mizutani, H.Sano
pp. 499-504

Add to article collectionSEM and TEM Study of Rat Respiratory Epithelia Exposed to Low Frequency Noise
N.A.A.Castelo Branco, M.Alves-Pereira, J.M. dos Santos, E.Monteiro
pp. 505-533

Add to article collectionCorrelative Microscopy of Cerebellar Intrinsic Circuits
O.J.Castejon, H.V.Castejon
pp. 534-540

Add to article collectionSecond Harmonic Optical Microscopy of Living Cells
P.J.Fisher, S.S.Sedarous
pp. 541-548

Add to article collectionStudy of Surface Modification on Wool Fibres by Means of SEM, AFM and Light Microscopy
P.Erra, P.Jovančiae, R.Molina, D.Jociae, M.R.Julia
pp. 549-556

Add to article collectionAdvanced Electron Microscopy Methods to Characterise Food Colloids
L.Sagalowicz, M.Michel, H.Watzke, M.Adrian
pp. 557-563

Add to article collectionInvestigating Biological Ultrastructure using Environmental Scannnig Electron Microscopy (ESEM)
pp. 564-570

Add to article collectionMicroscopy View of Dentritic Cells in the Pituitary-adrenal Axis
pp. 571-587

Add to article collectionAnalysis of Transcription and its Regulation by Scanning Force Microscopy
R.T.Dame, C.Wyman, N.Goosen
pp. 588-596

Add to article collectionSEM Analysis of the Cellular Bio-hospitality and Roughness of Glass Dental Ceramics
T.Traini, G.Murmura, S.Caputi
pp. 597-605

Add to article collectionObservation of Giant Unilamellar Vesicles as Artificial Cells: Shape Change and Growth of Protein Microcrystals in them
M.Yamazaki, T.Tanaka, Y.Yamashita
pp. 606-613


Add to article collectionAutomated Nuclear Segmentation in Fluorescence Microscopy
N.Malpica, C.O. de Solorzano
pp. 614-621

Add to article collectionConfocal Imaging of Fluidic Interfaces in Microchannel Geometries
pp. 622-629

Add to article collectionAdvances in Fluid Interface-Atomic Force Microscopy
E.Aston, J.C.Berg
pp. 630-637

Add to article collectionMicrospectrophotometer, an Instrument for Microscopic Spectral Analysis
pp. 638-642

Add to article collectionReview of a Novel Sample Cleaving Technique for Scanning Probe Microscopy
pp. 643-647

Add to article collectionVisualising Microscopy Specimens in Three Dimensions: Summary of Current Stereoscopic Practices
pp. 648-655

Add to article collectionComplex Approach to Surface Reconstruction of Microscopic Samples from Bimodal Image Stereo Data
J.Jan, D.Janová
pp. 656-674

Add to article collectionX-ray Spectromicroscopy with Synchrotron Radiation: Approaches and Applications
M.Bertolo, L.Gregoratti, S.Heun, B.Kaulich, M.Kiskinova
pp. 675-686

Add to article collectionQuantitative EDX Analysis in TEM. Practical Development, Limitations and Standards
M.M.Abad, F.Nieto
pp. 687-694

Add to article collectionPrinciples of the High Pressure SEM - Applications - Limitations
pp. 695-705

Add to article collectionQuantification of Complex Three-Dimensional Microstructures by Stereopaired Scanning Electron Microscopic Imaging and PC-based 3D-Morphometry
B.Minnich, W.D.Krautgartner, H.Leeb, E.W.N.Bernroider, A.Lametschwadtner
pp. 706-711

Add to article collectionComparison of Two-Photon Optical Microscopies: Second-Harmonic Generation and Fluorescence Imaging
P.B.Lukins, P.Xu, S.Rehman, C.J.R.Sheppard
pp. 712-719

Add to article collectionSimple Device for Real-time 3-D Microscopy with High Resolution Brightfield, Nomarski, or Phase Contrast Technique
pp. 720-724

Add to article collectionQuantitative Work Function Measurements on a Nanometer Scale: Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy in Ultrahigh Vacuum
pp. 725-733

Add to article collectionHigh Frequency Magnetic Force Microscopy
pp. 734-741

Add to article collectionThe Portable Confocal Microscope: Scanning Optical Microscopy Anywhere
T.G.Bromage, A.Boyde, A.Perez-Ochoa
pp. 742-752

Add to article collectionConstant-Distance Mode Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy
W.Schumann, A.Schulte
pp. 753-760

Add to article collectionA New High Resolution Field Emission SEM with Variable Pressure Capabilities
pp. 761-763


Add to article collection
Microscopy Based Education Programs for Schools
B.L.Payne, A.S.Jones, D.M.Dwarte, S.P.Ringer
pp. 764-775

Add to article collectionAtomic Force Microscopy With Touch: Educational Applications
M.G.Jones, A.Bokinsky, T.Tretter, A.Negishi, D.Kubasko, R.Taylor, R.Superfine
pp. 776-786

Add to article collectionHow we Teach Recognizing Images in Histology Juan, R.M.Perez-Cańaveras
pp. 787-794

Add to article collectionTime-Lapse Microscopy of Living Cells: From Microcinematography to Sequential Image Digitalisation
M. Cervinka, E. Rudolf
pp. 795-799

Add to article collectionApplication of the new CrossBeam ® Technology to extend Accuracy in Site Specific Cross Sectioning and TEM Sample Preparation
P.Gnauckpp. 800-801

Add to article collectionTraining of Students in Microscopy Studies of Normal and Pathological Structures : a Practical Course
M.Duvert, P.Thiébaud, A.Verna, J.L.Vernay, N.Theze
pp. 802-816

Add to article collectionEducation Electron Microscopy over the Internet
G.Rosolen, S.Gerlach, J.Maravich
pp. 817-820

Add to article collectionThe Scanning  Force "MAcroscope": a Didactical Version of the Scanning Force Microscope
G.Torzo, B.Pecori, P.Scatturin, G.Delfitto
pp. 821-827

Add to article collectionNew Frame-Transfer Wide-Angle Slow-Scan CCD Camera Allows Recording of Distortion-Free Images For Digital Montages
S.A. Hiller, W. Probst, V. Seybold, E. Zellmann, B. Kabius and A. Tröndle
pp. 828-829

Add to article collectionColour Image in 2d and 3d Microscopy for the Automation of Pollen Rate Measurement
P.Bonton, A.Boucher, M.Thonnat, R.Tomczak, P.J.Hidalgo, J.Belmonte, C.Galan
pp. 830-835

Add to article collectionX-ray Microanalysis of Native Aquatic Bacteria
M.Heldal, G.Bratbak, E.Erichsen, S.Norland
pp. 836-842

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