FORMATEX Microscopy Book Series

Current Issues on Multidisciplinary Microscopy Research and Education



ISBN (13): 978-84-609-6605-4
ISBN (10): 84-609-6605-4

Scanning microscopy exam of hominoid dental enamel surface: Exploring the effect of abrasives in the diet
Alejandro Romero-Rameta and Joaquín De Juan

Atomic Force Microscopy of Printed Protein
Dario Pisignano, Adriana Biasco, Nicoletta Sgarbi, Pierpaolo Pompa, Francesca Di Benedetto, Blandine Krebs, Giuseppe Gigli, Roberto Cingolani, and Ross Rinaldi

Quantitative Analysis of Biopolymer Conformation Using Atomic Force Microscopy: Copper-Induced Conformational Changes in Poly-y-glutamic Acid
Douglas A. Stellato and Terri A. Camesano

Basic Principles of Molecular Recognition Force Microscopy
Peter Hinterdorfer

Immuno-FRET microscopy of the actin-binding protein NP25 in situ
Yoshinori Muto and Yukio Okano

Microscopy techniques for immunolocalization of proteins at the light and ultrastructural levels
A. Jayasurya, G.W. Yip, W.M. Yap, P.H. Tan and B.H. Bay

Fluorescent dual in situ hybridization as a tool for high precision mapping of mRNA transcripts
P. Tylzanowski, D. Devalck, J. Peeters and Frank P. Luyten

Assembly and accumulation sites of Maize mosaic virus (Rhabdoviridae) in plant host and insect vector using transmission electron and confocal laser scanning microscopy
E.D. Ammar, T. Meulia, E. Özbek and S.A. Hogenhout

Characterisation of n-GaAs by cathodoluminiscence: quantitative study and comparison
A. Djemel, A. Nouiri, S. Kouissa and R. J. Tarent

Microscopy Techniques Applied to the Study of Phytoplasma diseases: traditional and innovative methods
Rita Musetti and Maria Augusta Favali

Preparing liver (Sinuisoidal) cells for imaging apoptosis events
Katrien Vekemans and Filip Braet

Scanning Electron Microscopic Investigations in Butterfly Wings: Detecting Scale Micro- and Nanomorphology and Understanding their Functions
Zs. Bálint, Z. Vértesy, K. Kertész and L. P. Biró

Microscopy techniques applied for monitoring the development of aquatic biofilms
Jordi Morató, Francesc Codony and Jordi Mas

Atomic Force Microscopy of Unculturable Bacteria
Aurelio Ciancio, Rita Musetti and Nazia Loi

Microscopical approaches to study organogenic nodule formation in hop
Ana Margarida Fortes and Maria Salomé Pais

Inmunodetection of BrdU and PCNA in the rostral migratory stream of the adult mouse
J. Valero, E. Weruaga, A.R. Murias, A. Porteros and J.R. Alonso

Comparative analysis of mitochondria selective dyes in different cell types detected by Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy: methods and applications
Claudia Piccoli, Domenico Boffoli and Nazzareno Capitanio

Estimate of Neovascular Tree Complexity by Microscopy Analysis
Fabio Grizzi, Barbara Fiamengo, Maurizio Chiriva-Internati and Pier Carlo Muzzio

Virtual Reality Enhanced Volumetric Cellular Visualization
Y.Q. Guan, M. Opas, Y.Y. Cai, X. Zhang, Z.W. Xiong, S. Wong, and Y.T. Lee

Piezoresponse scanning force microscopy
Catalin Harnagea and Alain Pignolet

Microanalysis and Microfluorescence application for elemental mapping in Alyssum: techniques results and comparisons
Marta Marmiroli, Elena Maestri, Gianni Antonioli, Cristina Gonnelli, Roberto Gabbrielli and Nelson Marmiroli

Sample preparation of commercial multiple quantum well laser diodes for structural, compositional and electrical analysis in a scanning transmission electron microscope
K.L. Bunker, R. Garcia, T.J. Kennedy, T.J. Stark, P.E. Russell

Improvements in fluorescence microscopy allowed by high power light emitting diodes
G. Mazzini, C. Ferrari, N. Baraldo, M. Mazzini and M. Angelini

Microscopic study of Al-based intermetallic compound-dispersed functionally graded materials fabricated by a centrifugal method
Yoshimi Watanabe and Yasuyoshi Fukui

Atomic force microscopy and ARXPS analysis of liquid micro-adsorptive on metallic surfaces
Rongguan Wang

Application of Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy in Dental Research of Resin–based Restorative Materials
V. Fano, W. Y. Ma, X. G. Wang, F. Zhu, L. Fano

Complementary Microscopy Techniques Applied to the Characterization of CuAl2O3 Nanocomposites
M.S. Motta, E.A. Brocchi, I.G. Solórzano and P.K. Jena

Atomic Force Microscopy on Polyelectrolyte Adsorbed Layers
Maria Raposo, Paulo António Ribeiro, Marcelo A. Pereira-da-Silva and Osvaldo N. Oliveira Jr.

Low temperature plasma modified wool fabrics: surface study by SEM
R. Molina, C. Canal, E. Bertrán, J. M. D. Tascón, and P. Erra

Application of Surface Profilometry in Studying the Bulk Etch of Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors
K.N. Yu, C.W.Y. Yip, J.P.Y. Ho and D. Nikezic

Growth, reliability and electrical characterization of thin dielectrics in MOS devices at a nanometer scale with C-AFM
M. Porti, X. Blasco, M. Nafría and X. Aymerich

Optical Considerations for Accurate Volumetric Reconstructions from 3-D Confocal Imaging
Darren L. Hitt

Scanning Probe Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy
for Electrical Characterization of Semiconductors
J.C. González, M.I.N. da Silva, K. L. Bunker, and P.E. Russellt

Microscopy Techniques Applied to the Study of Zinc Oxide Microcrystalline Powders Synthesis
M. Andrés-Vergés, M. Martínez-Gallego, A. Lozano-Vila, and J. Díaz-Álvarez

From two to three-dimensional visualisation of   structures in light and confocal microscopy – applications for biomedical studies
Elżbieta Kaczmarek, Rafal Strzelczyk


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