About the Edition

 Editors: A. Méndez-Vilas, J. Díaz

This series is committed to giving an overview of the state of the art as well as upcoming trends, and to promoting discussion about scientific, technological and educational aspects of Microscopy in both the biological/biomedical and physical/chemical sciences. Priority will be given to those which clearly emphasize the role of microscopy in the achieved scientific/ technological/ pedagogical results, as well as those which make comparative discussions or showing the complementarity of microscopy techniques with other techniques.

Educationally-oriented research papers and mini-review papers are especially welcome (for example, introductory chapters on a microscopy technique using research data/results), although also more "regular" research papers are accepted.
Mini-reviews can be thematic in nature, or centred in a specific research group activity. In this case, the work should provide an integrated view of the research carried out by a specific group across the years.

The driving force(s) behind the evolution (seen as the reinforcement of some research approaches, refusals of others) of a concrete research group can be of the highest interest for both experts and new arrivals in the field, and this information is more difficult to obtain from those fragmented publications in traditional journals.
Commented collections of images are welcome too.




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