VOL. 1




Applications in Biology and Medicine

Approaches for Investigating Mechanobiological Dynamics in Living Cells with Fluorescence and Atomic Force Microscopies

A.E. Pelling, B. M. Nicholls, Y.R. Silberberg, and M.A. Horton


Challenges and Approaches - Probing Tumor Cell Invasion by Atomic Force Microscopy

T. Ludwig, R. Kirmse and Kate Poole.


Study of Cancer Cells Used Atomic Force Microscopy

K. Tomankova, H. Kolarova, M. Vujtek and H. Zapletalova


Atomic Force Imaging of Ocular Tissues: morphological study of healthy and cataract lenses

A. Antunes, F. V. Gozzo, M. I. Borella, M. Nakamura, A. M. V. Safatle, P. S. M. Barros and H. E. Toma


Imaging of Bone Ultrastructure using Atomic Force Microscopy

P. J. Thurner, E. Oroudjev, R. Jungmann, C. Kreutz, J. H. Kindt, G. Schitter, T. O. Okouneva, M. E.Lauer, G. E. Fantner, H. G. Hansma,   and P. K. Hansma


Cell Surface Membrane Remodelling and Mitochondrial Remodelling in Live Neurons: Practical Approaches for Studying Dynamic Processes Using Confocal Microscopy

        N. Shulyakova, P. Kaifosh, D. Diec, and L.R. Mills


Cell-surface interaction in biomedical implants assessed by simultaneous fluorescence and reflection confocal microscopy

J. Vilches, J.I. Vilches-Perez and M. Salido


The combined application of AFM and LSCM: Changing the way we look atinnate immunity

E. L. Adams and K. J. Czymmek


Electron Microscopy Visualization of the Cell Surface of Trypanosomatids

W. de Souza


Extending the Explanatory Power of Live Cell Imaging by computationally modelling the Execution of Apoptotic Cell Death

H. Huber, G. Gomez Estrada, H. Dussmann, C. O’Connor and M. Rehm


In vivo and in vitro Approaches for the Study of Adult Neurogenesis in Light, Confocal, and Electron Microscopy

N. Canalia, M. Armentano, G. Ponti and L. Bonfanti


Microscopy studies on uncultivated magnetotactic bacteria

T. S. Silveira, J. L. Martins, K. T. Silva, F. Abreu and U. Lins


Scanning Electron Microscopy and Transmission Electron Microscopy of Mollicutes: Challenges and Opportunities

C. T. K.-H. Stadtländer


Non-Invasive Fourier Transform Infrared Microspectroscopy and Imaging Techniques: Basic Principles and Applications

P. Garidel and M. Boese


Contribution of Electron Microscopy to the Study of the Nuclear Pore Complex Structure, Composition, and Function

N. Panté


Bright Solutions to Get Sharp Images: Confocal and Two- Photon Fluorescence Microscopy and the Pros and Cons of New Multifocal Approaches

        R. Kurtz


Microscopy techniques and the study of synapses

E. Perez-Costas, M. Melendez-Ferro and R.C. Roberts


Microscopic Investigations in Neurodegenerative Diseases

R. J. Castellani, B. A. Alexiev, D. Phillips, G. Perry and M. A. Smith


Studying the temperature-dependent events of live cells under confocal and epi-fluorescence microscopy using a solid-state heating/cooling system

        Zu-Han Huang, Huei-Hsuan Cheng, Huei-In Wu, Shin-Hua Tseng and Yen-Chung Chang.


Live imaging genetically-encoded fluorescent proteins in embryonic stem cells using confocal microscopy

J. Artus and A.-K. Hadjantonakis


Correlative Fluorescence- and Scanning, Transmission Electron Microscopy for Biomolecular Investigation

K. Jahn, D. Barton and F. Braet


Immunolocalization of maize transglutaminase and its substrates in plant cells and in Escherichia coli transformed cells

M. Santos, E.Villalobos, P.Carvajal-Vallejos, E. Barberá, A. Campos and J.M.Torné


Visualization of the real microarchitecture of glycoprotein matrices with scanning electron microscopy

G. Familiari, M. Relucenti, A. Familiari, E. Battaglione, G. Franchitto and R. Heyn


Use of standard fluorescence microscopy to assess modifications in the plasma membrane potential and in the intracellular concentration of inorganic ions in cultured cells

        S. Chifflet and J.A. Hernández


Imaging biological structures with a proton microprobe

T. Pinheiro, M.D.Ynsa and L.C.Alves


Macromolecular Synthesis in Hepatocyte Mitochondria of Aging Mice as Revealed by Electron Microscopic Radioautography I: Nucleic Acid Synthesis

        T. Nagata


Macromolecular Synthesis in Hepatocyte Mitochondria of Aging Mice as Revealed by Electron Microscopic Radioautography II : Protein Synthesis

        T. Nagata


Size Estimation of Protein Clusters in the Nanometer Range by Using Spatially Modulated Illumination Microscopy

U. J. Birk, I. Upmann, D. Toomre, C. Wagner and C. Cremer


Transglutaminase activity and localization during microspore induction in maize

M. Santos, J. Alché , M.I. Rodríguez-García and J.M.Torné


A Thousand Proteins of Light: 15 Years of Advances in Fluorescent Proteins

G. McNamara and C.A. Boswell


Using Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy, DNA Curtains, and Quantum Dots to Investigate Protein-DNA Interactions at the Single-molecule Level

        M-L. Visnapuu, D. Duzdevich and E. C. Greene


Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer using molecular beacon as a probe, a new approach for in vivo macromolecular interaction study

        S. Ganguly


Electron-microscopic and genetic dissection of arthropod cuticle differentiation

H. Schwarz and B. Moussian


Microscopy and egg morphology of Mayflies

N. Ubero-Pascal and M.A. Puig


Role of Scanning Electron Microscopy in Understanding Insect Corneal Nipple and Other Structures

S. Dey


Antennal sensilla of hymenopteran parasitic wasps: variations linked to host exploitation behavior

J. van Baaren, G. Boivin, D. Bourdais and O. Roux


The application of confocal microscopy and 3D imaging software in Functional, Evolutionary, and Developmental Zoology: reconstructing myo- and neurogenesis in space and time

        A. Wanninger


Comparative study of the impact of the actin cytoskeleton on cell shape and membrane surface in mammalian cells in response to actin toxins
F. Lázaro-Diéguez and G. Egea


Chromosomes in Focus: Basic Cytogenetics, Light Microscopy and the Case of Neotropical Fish

P.R.A.M Affonso, V S. Miranda, A. S. Medrado, U. P Jacobina, J. A. Bitencourt, J. S. Almeida and P. L. S. Carneiro


The Nuclear Area Factor (NAF): a measure for cell apoptosis using microscopy and image analysis

M. A. DeCoster


Study of the Mechanisms of Action of Medicines in the Immune System Using Microscopy

C. Camargo de Oliveira and D. de Freitas Buchi


Probing the Structure and Function of Mammalian Sperm using Optical and Fluorescence Microscopy

J. Ramalho-Santos, A. Amaral, A.P. Sousa, A.S. Rodrigues, L. Martins, M. Baptista, P.C. Mota, R. Tavares, S. Amaral and S. Gamboa


Super-Quiet Microfluorometry: Examples of Tumor Cell Metabolic Dynamics

A.J. Clark and H.R. Petty


Real-time visualization of developing viral infection in fibroblasts

K.L. Lathrop and A. Eisfeld


Morphology of the developing fetal lung – the rabbit experimental model

X I. Roubliova , J. M. Biard, L. Ophalvens, D. Gallot, J.C. Jani , E.K.Verbeken, C.P. Van de Ven, D. Tibboel and J.A. Deprest


3D visualization and analysis of cell-matrix transformations in whole-mount and live embryos using confocal and multi-photon microscopy
G.G. Martins, P. Rifes, R. Amândio, P. Campinho, I. Palmeirim and S. Thorsteinsdóttir


Utilization of the Laser Induced Plasma Spectroscopy for monitoring of the metal accumulation in plant tissues with high spatial resolution
J. Kaiser, M. Galiová, K. Novotný, L. Reale, K. Stejska, O. Samek, R. Malina, K. Páleníková, V. Adam and R. Kizek


Quantitative Microscopic Analysis of Histological Sections of Brain Tissue

R. A. Armstrong


Ultrastructural Changes In Microcoleus chthonoplastes Growing In the Presence of Crude Oil. Applications for Ecological Studies

E. Diestra, I. Esteve, O. Castell and A. Solé


Correlation Between flow Cytometry and Transmission Electron Microscopy

A. Alvarez, F. Gońi de Cerio and E. Hilario


VOL. 2




Applications in Physical/Chemical Sciences


Scanning Force Microscopic Study of Surface Structure and Surface Properties of Organosilane Monolayers

T. Koga and A. Takahara


Nano-Structuring and Molecular Domain Organizations in Lipid-Protein Membranous Interfaces

K. Nag, A.K. Panda, R. Devraj and M. Fritzen-Garcia


Nanolubrication studied by Contact-Mode Atomic Force Microscopy

R. Buzio and U. Valbusa


Experimental contribution to the understanding of wetting of solid surfaces at the meso- and nano-scale using dynamic AFM

A.B. Jódar-Reyes, A. Méndez-Vilas and M.L. González-Martín


Usage of AFM, SEM and TEM for the research of carbon nanotubes

K. Safarova, A. Dvorak, R. Kubinek and M. Vujtek A. Rek


Atomic Force Microscopy as a tool for unravelling the relationship between morphology and growth dynamics of organic semiconductors

        M. Campione, M. Moret and A. Sassella


AFM monitoring of size changes during thermal syntheses of ferric oxide nanoparticles

M. Vůjtek, R. Kubínek, R. Zbořil and L. Machala


Various approaches to control solid/solid wetting self-assembly of organic semiconductors with STM

F. Trixler and W.M. Heckl


Dephasing of charge and spin in semiconductor quantum dots

W. Jacak,  J. Krasnyj, and L. Jacak


Investigation of the nanostructured surface of single-crystal silicon by the method of scanning tunnel spectroscopy
S.P. Kulyk, M.M. Melnichenko, K.V. Svezhentsova and O.M. Shmyryeva


Electrically characterization of Group III-Nitride nanocolumns with Scanning Force Microscopy

M. Niebelschütz, V. Cimalla, O. Ambacher, T. Machleidt, K.-H. Franke, J. Ristic, J. Grandal, M.A. Sánchez-García and E. Calleja


Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy for Structural Characterization of 3D Gold Nanoparticle Superlattices

H. Yao and K. Kimura


UV-VIS and TEM assessment of morphological features of silver nanoparticles from phosphate glass matrices

L. Baia and S. Simon


Evaluation of electronic and geometric properties of nanoparticles using X-PEEM

O. Seifarth


Examination of dentin surface using AFM and SEM

R. Kubinek, Z. Zapletalova, M. Vujtek, R. Novotný, H. Kolarova and H. Chmelickova


TEM analysis of the early mineralization process of mantle dentin

P. Dechichi, C. Christian Gomes Moura, A. Wilsson de Almeida Filho and J. Carlos Gabrielli Biffi


Spatial visualization of thermally sprayed microstructure based on light microscopy

P. Ctibor and R. Lechnerova


Analytical electron microscopy of tremolite

K.N. Bozhilov and D.M. Jenkins


Investigating morphological changes on octadecyl modifiedsilicas by SEM and AFM

R. Brambilla, F. Silveira and J.H.Z. dos Santos


Importance of Transmission Electron Microscopy for Carbon Nanomaterials Research

P.R. Somani and M. Umeno


Discovering the True Morphology of Amphibole Minerals: Complementary TEM and FESEM Characterization of Particles in Mixed Mineral Dust

        K. E. Harris, K. L. Bunker, B. R. Strohmeier, R. Hoch and R. J. Lee


Single-Molecule Fluorescence Imaging Techniques for the Detection of Reactive Oxygen Species

T. Tachikawa and T. Majima


Scanning Electron Microscopy Investigation of Lead-Free High Refractive Index Glass Prepared from Local Sand Used for Restoration and Conservation

        P. Dararutana and N. Sirikulrat


SEM and TEM studies in alloys developed by mechanical alloying

J.J. Suńol and L. Escoda


Scanning Electron Microscopic Characterization of Copper (II) Phthalocyanine  Nanocrystallites Thin Films Deposited on Technologically Important Substrates

        B. Mallik and S. Karan


Surface Morphological Study of Low Temperature Plasma Treated Wool – A Time Dependence Study

C.W. Kan


Fluorescence and Scanning Electron Microscopy of Chitosan/DNA Nanoparticles for Biological Applications

A. Masotti, F. Marino, G. Ortaggi and C. Palocci


A Novel “In-situ-tracking” Approach for Evaluating Microstructural Variations Using SEM, EDS and EBSD and Its Applications in Materials Science

        C. Pan, Y. Huang and Q. Fu


Morphology Variations of Polypropylene

J. Výchopňová, R. Čermák and M. Obadal


Morphological Transition of Isotactic Polybutene-1 Tetragonal Crystals: Optical and Transmission Electron Microscopy Observation

        M. Yamashita and T. Takahashi


Nanostructure of starch high-pressure treated granules discovered by low temperature scanning electron microscopy

A.D. Molina-García, E. Horridge, P.D. Sanz and M.N. Martino


Nanoscale Structure of Cellulosic Materials: Challenges and Opportunities for AFM

A.T. Paiva, S.M. Sequeira, D.V. Evtuguin, A.L. Kholkin and I.Portugal




Atomic Force Microscope Nanoindentations to Reliably Measure the Young’s Modulus of Soft Matter

D. Tranchida, Z. Kiflie and S. Piccarolo


The Atomic Force Spectroscopy as a Tool to Investigate Surface Forces: Basic Principles and Applications

F.L. Leite, L.H.C. Mattoso, O.N. Oliveira Jr and P.S.P. Herrmann Jr


A Guide for Atomic Force Microscopy Analysis of Soft-Condensed Matter

M. Raposo, Q. Ferreira and P.A. Ribeiro


Scanning Probe Microscopy-Based Nanofabrication for Emerging Applications

X. Liu and H. Zhang


Exploring the high pressure SEM

C. Mathieu, L Khouchaf and A Kadoun


How to study biological samples by FIB/SEM?

M. Milani, D. Drobne and Francesco Tatti


Very Low Energy Scanning Electron Microscopy

I. Müllerová and L. Frank


The magnetic force microscopy and its capability for nanomagnetic studies - The short compendium

A. Hendrych, R. Kubínek and A.V. Zhukov


Visualisation of Small Fluid Droplets on Biological and Artificial Surfaces Using the Cryo-SEM Approach

S.N. Gorb, D. Voigt and E.V. Gorb


Spherical AFM Probes for Adhesion Force Measurements on Metal Single Crystals

B. Stegemann, H. Backhaus, H. Kloss and E. Santner


Near-Field Optical Microscopy of Surface Plasmon Polaritons Nano-Optics

Víctor Coello


Semiconductor nanocrystals and fluorescence microscopy in biological labeling

P.M.A. Farias, B.S. Santos, A.Fontes and C.L. Cesar


Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy of Living Cells

G. Vereb, L. Ujlaky-Nagy, E. Friedländer G. Vámosi and J. Szöllősi


Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy: an Experimentalist’s View of the Basics

G. Jung


Linear fluorescence unmixing in cell biological research

B. Kraus, M. Ziegler and H. Wolff


High resolution Near-field Fluorescence Microscopy: from principles to applications in cell biology

A. Cambi, C.G. Figdor and M.F. Garcia-Parajo


Two-Photon Fluorescence Microscopy: Basic Principles, Advantages and Risks

S.J. Mulligan and B.A. MacVicar


Colours Count: how the Challenge of Fluorescence was solved in Confocal Microscopy

R. Borlinghaus


Software-based three dimensional reconstructions and enhancements of focal depth in microphotographic images

J. Piper


Digital Deconvolution Microscopy: Development, Evaluation and Utilization in 3D quantitative studies of E-cadherin expression in skin of Bufo arenarun tadpoles

        J.F. Adur, J.E. Diaz-Zamboni, N.B. Vicente, M.F. Izaguirre and V.H. Casco


Concurrent 3-D Visualization of Multiple Microscopic Structures

S.J. Rehorek and T.D. Smith


Principles of automatic vision systems for tracking elongated microorganisms

N. Babaii Rizvandi, D. Ochoa, A. Pizurica and W. Philips


Registration Decisions during 3D Medical Volume Reconstructions from Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy

P. Bajcsy and Sang-Chul Lee


An introduction to low dose electron tomography- from specimen preparation to data collection

G. Rh. Owen and D.L.Stokes


Temperature controlled Microscopy

A. Holzinger


An introduction to diffractive tomographic microscopy

O. Haeberlé, A. Sentenac and H. Giovannini


Scanning ion conductance microscopy–a tool to investigate electrolyte-nonconductor interfaces

P. Happel , F. Wehner and I. D. Dietzel


In Situ X-Ray Microscopy at High Temperature and Pressure

B. Ménez, H. Bureau, J. Cauzid, V. Malavergne, A. Somogyi, A. Simionovici, M. Munoz, L. Avoscan, C. Rommevaux-Jestin and B. Gouget


Equipment for coupling a digital camera to a optical microscopy

A.P. de Novaes, P.S. de Paula Herrmann Jr., R. Bernardes Filho and F.M. Benetti


Virtual Microscopy in Medical Images: a Survey

E. Romero, F. Gómez and M. Iregui


Laurdan Generalized Polarization: from cuvette to microscope

S. A. Sanchez, M.A.Tricerri, G. Gunther and E.Gratton


Practical Aspects of Immunomicroscopy on Plant Material

S. Marttila and K. Santén


Electron Microscopy in Developing Countries: What can be done to get these countries more involved?

V. B. Meyer-Rochow


Inexpensive Digital Microscopy Workstations Engage Students in Integrative Biology

G. S. Withers and C. S. Wallace





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