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Add to article collectionBasic Principles of Molecular Recognition Force Microscopy
Peter Hinterdorfer

Add to article collection
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Investigations of Elementary Surface Processes
F. Rosei

Add to article collectionInvestigating Biological Ultrastructure using Environmental Scannnig Electron Microscopy (ESEM)

Add to article collectionQuantitative Work Function Measurements on a Nanometer Scale: Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy in Ultrahigh Vacuum

Add to article collectionAtomic force microscopy and ARXPS analysis of liquid micro-adsorptive on metallic surfaces
Rongguan Wang

Add to article collectionFrom two to three-dimensional visualisation of   structures in light and confocal microscopy – applications for biomedical studies
Elżbieta Kaczmarek, Rafal Strzelczyk

Add to article collection Atomic Force Microscopy of Printed Protein

Dario Pisignano, Adriana Biasco, Nicoletta Sgarbi, Pierpaolo Pompa, Francesca Di Benedetto, Blandine Krebs, Giuseppe Gigli, Roberto Cingolani, and Ross Rinaldi

Add to article collectionQuantitative Analysis of Biopolymer Conformation Using Atomic Force Microscopy: Copper-Induced Conformational Changes in Poly-y-glutamic Acid
Douglas A. Stellato and Terri A. Camesano

Add to article collectionPrinciples of the Detection of Single Molecules in Microscopy
G.Jung, E.Kneuper, L.Seyfarth, A.Zumbusch

Add to article collectionComparison of Two-Photon Optical Microscopies: Second-Harmonic Generation and Fluorescence Imaging
P.B.Lukins, P.Xu, S.Rehman, C.J.R.Sheppard

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Scanning Probe Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy
for Electrical Characterization of Semiconductors
J.C. González, M.I.N. da Silva, K. L. Bunker, and P.E. Russellt

Add to article collectionAdvances in Fluid Interface-Atomic Force Microscopy
E.Aston, J.C.Berg

Add to article collectionPrinciples of the High Pressure SEM - Applications - Limitations

Add to article collectionTransmission Electron Microscopy of Deformation and Fracture in Polymers

Add to article collectionHRTEM Study of Nano-Precipitation Phases in 6000 Series Alluminium Alloys
K.Matsuda, S.Ikeno, T.Sato





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