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Applications in Biology and Medicine

Analysis of fluorescent nanostructures in biological systems by means of Spectral Position Determination Microscopy (SPDM)

Patrick Müller, Yanina Weiland, Rainer Kaufmann, Manuel Gunkel, Sabina Hillebrandt, Christoph Cremer, Michael Hausmann

Autofocus functions for tuberculosis diagnosis with conventional sputum smear microscopy

C. F. Fernandes Costa Filho, M. G. Fernandes Costa and A. Kimura Júnior

Microscopic anatomy of aquatic oligochaetes (Annelida, Clitellata): a zoological perspective

Carlos Caramelo and Enrique Martínez-Ansemil

Picrosirius Staining for Dystrophic Animal Models of Diaphragm Morphology

D. Kelly de Abreu, T. Borges Lessa, B. Machado Bertassoli, H. Debiazi Zomer, P. Fratini, S. Elisabete Alves de Lima Will, R. Eli Grassi Rici, R. Agostinho da Silva, A. C. Assis Neto, M. Angélica Miglino and C.E. Ambrósio

The applications of NSOM/QDs-based single-molecule in situ detection on cell membrane

Jiang Pi, and Jiye Cai

The usefulness of bone marrow in the standardization process of immunohistochemical methods

Marta Ortega-Martínez, Alberto Niderhauser-García, Edgar Romero-Núñez, Ivett C. Miranda-Maldonado, Carlos de la Garza-González, Jesús Ancer-Rodríguez and Gilberto Jaramillo-Rangel

Application of advanced confocal microscopic observation in animal reproductive medicine

Bartosz Kempisty, Agnieszka Ziółkowska, Hanna Piotrowska, Piotr Zawierucha, Paweł Antosik, Dorota Bukowska, Jędrzej M. Jaśkowski, Michał Nowicki, Klaus P. Brüssow, Maciej

Applications of confocal microscopy to the study of vascular biology

C. B. A. Restini and L.M. Bendhack

Confocal imaging of organotypic brain slices for real time analysis of cell death

A. Merighi, S. Alasia, G. Gambino, and L. Lossi

Confocal microscopy and spectral imaging technique: contribution to the development of neutron sensitizers for anticancer BNCT

A.V. Efremenko, A.A. Ignatova, M.A. Grin, A.F. Mironov, V.I. Bregadze, I.B. Sivaev and A.V. Feofanov

Structural characteristics of in situ undisturbed human oral biofilm and activity of antimicrobial agents

I. Tomás, L. García-Caballero and J.M. Seoane

Label-free microscopy: spectral imaging of multiphoton-excited cellular autofluorescence

A. Holloschi, HM. Kuhn, C. Müller, M. Worf, M. Rauen, T. Röder, W. Kessler, J. Mollenhauer and P. Kioschis

Molecular similarities between spermatozoa and bacteria: A fluorescent microscopy study

Vijay Prabha and Harpreet Vander

Quantitative Imaging of Intracellular Sodium

A. E. Schreiner and C. R. Rose

Standardization and quantification of fluorescent probes in epifluorescence microscopy

Martyn A. Sharpe PhD, Andrew D. Livingston MD, Leonardo Rangel-Castilla MD, and David S. Baskin MD

Study of EphA2 dimerization and clusterization in living cells using sensitized acceptor emission in FRET pair

G.V. Sharonov, M.N. Mozgovaja, M.V. Astapova, P.M. Kolosov, A.S. Arseniev and A.V. Feofanov

A new approach for three-dimensional visualization of cryostat sections

Eleonora Franzetti, Terenzio Congiu, Petra Basso, Magda de Eguileor, Gianluca Tettamanti

Biological nanostructures associated to iberulites: a SEM study

J.L. Díaz-Hernández, P.J. Sánchez-Soto and A. Serrano-Delgado

Dystrophic animal models of diaphragm morphology for muscle ultraestructural analysis

T. Borges Lessa; B. Machado Bertassoli; S. Elisabete Alves de Lima Will; M. Pandolphi Brólio; D. Kelly de Abreu; R. Eli Grassi Rici; M. Angelica Miglino and Carlos E. Ambrósio

Electron microscopy and immunogold labelling analysis of smart nanoparticles (storage proteins) in insects

Chandrasekar Raman

FIB/SEM/EDS complementary analysis for proper forensic interpretation

M. Milani, R. Gottardi, C. Savoia and C. Cattaneo

Microscopic imaging of the endometrium for assessment of uterine receptivity in women with latent genital tuberculosis

Elavarasan Subramani, Priyanka Banerjee, Chaitali Dattaray, Debashis Chakrabarty, Baidyanath Chakravarty and Koel Chaudhury

Morphometric SEM 3D analysis of microvascular networks and automated calculation of vessel angioarchitecture optimalities

B. Minnich, S. Margiol, J. Frysak and E.W.N. Bernroider

Osteosarcoma treatment using the different bone growth factors

D. Alcântara, S. E. A. L. Will, P. Fratini, A. L. R. Franciolli, R. E. G. Rici, D. K. Abreu, R. M. Leandro, F. M. O. Silva, M. N. Rodrigues and M. A. Miglino

Parasitic fungi on roses

Marcel Pârvu, Alina E. Pârvu

Pros and cons of scanning electron microscopy as a research method in acarology

Zbigniew Adamski, Eliza Rybska and Jerzy Błoszyk

Scanning Electron Microscopy coupled to an Energy Dispersive X-ray detector to study copper removal on different phototrophic microorganisms

Álvaro Burgos, Marina Seder-Colomina, Juan Maldonado, Antonio Solé and Isabel Esteve

Scanning electron microscopy detection of seed-borne fungi in blotter test

Marcelo de Carvalho Alves and Edson Ampélio Pozza

Scanning Electron Microscopy of vascular corrosion cast – a bench-to-bedside approach in cancer research

V. Faccin Bampi, J. Rangel Oliveira, S.M. Encarnação Fiala Rechsteiner, M.G. Tavares Rheingantz, L.F. Minello, J.L. Braga da Silva, L.B. Oliveira de Oliveira

Techniques Used for Morphological and Ultrastructural Description from Teeth White-Tufted-Ear-Marmosets (Callithrix jacchus)

B. Machado Bertassoli, T. Borges Lessa, F. Delys de Oliveira, D. Kelly de Abreu, L. C. Stunitz da Silva, A. Cesar dos Santos, R. Eli Grassi Rici, A. C. Assis Neto

A “non-classical” and reliable method for transmission immunoelectron microscopy.

P. Lenzi, M. Ferrucci, G. Lazzeri, F. Fulceri, F. Fornai and A.

Applications of Transmission Electron Microscopy to evaluate the diversity of the male reproductive system of Neotropical bats

M. R. Beguelini, C. C. I. Puga, F. F. Martins, A. C. Negrin, C. M Christante, P. S. L. Vilamaior, S. R. Taboga and E. Morielle-Versute

Correlation between granulocytes and tunic cuticle of Ciona intestinalis (Tunicata, Ascidiacea) as evaluated by microscopy

M. A. Di Bella and G. De Leo

Electron microscopy and immunogold labelling of proteins involved in brain tumour growth and invasion

J.A. Miyake and A. Colquhoun

Microcalcifications as seen in epoxy-embedded carotids using a trichromic staining

M. Relucenti, L. Petruzziello, R. Heyn , E. Battaglione and G. Familiari

Microscopic features of mitochondria rejuvenation by amino acids

A. Stacchiotti , G. Corsetti , A.Lavazza and R.Rezzani

The effect of hypertriglyceridemia on the integrity of endothelial monolayer structure of rat aorta: electron microscopic and immunofluorescent analysis

Ľ.Okruhlicová, K.Frimmel, P.Weismann, J.Slezák

Ultrastructural cytoplasmic characteristics of domestic cat (Felis catus) oocytes according to ovarian status and in vitro maturation

Lílian Rigatto Martins, Rayf Roberto Tirloni, Fernanda da Cruz Landim-Alvarenga and Maria Denise Lopes

Ultrastructural morphometric analysis by transmission electron microscopy associated with stereology methods

N. Nathaly Rigoglio, M. V. Mendes Silva, V. Pavanelo Junior, S. A. Ferreira Lima, J. Luiz Nogueira, R. Avancini Fernandes and M. A. Miglino

Use of PEG, Polyethylene glycol, to characterize the diversity of environmental viruses

Jonathan Colombet and Télesphore Sime-Ngando

Biodestruction of polyurethane by Staphylococcus aureus (an investigation by SEM, TEM and FIB )

Didenko L.V., Avtandilov G.A., Shevlyagina N.V., Smirnova T.A., Lebedenko I.Y., Tatti F., Savoia C., Evans G. and Milani M

Electron microscopy and the responses of terrestrial invertebrates against contaminants of soil

C. S. Fontanetti, T. G. Pinheiro, R. B. Souza, A. C. de C. Marcato and C. Moreira de Sousa

Electron microscopy in the study of human sperm pathologies

E. Moretti and G. Collodel

Quantification of immunogold labelling in two populations of dendritic cells: a study on endogenous protease inhibitor

T. Zavašnik-Bergant

Role of Electron Microscopy-Immunocytochemistry and In Situ Hybridization in the Study of Oxidative Stress-Induced Mitochondrial Abnormalities and the Pathobiology of Neurodegeneration and Cancer

Gjumrakch Aliev, V. Prakash Reddy and Ramon Cacabelos

The importance of electron microscopy and a study of type IV collagen alpha chains in the diagnosis of Thin Basement Membrane Glomerulopathy and Alport Syndrome

Juliana Reis Machado, Valéria Lima laterza, Vanessa Fraga Mendes, Crislaine Aparecida da Silva, Maria Laura Pinto, Marcos vinícius da Silva, Ana carolina Guimarães Faleiros and Marlene Antônia dos Reis

Ultrastructural evidences of the plastron organization and skin respiration in the soil inhabiting trombiculid mites (Acariformes: Trombiculidae)

Andrew B. Shatrov

Use of scanning and transmission electron microscopy to identify morphological and cellular damage on phytopathogenic fungi due to natural products application

S. Bautista-Baños, M. de L. Ramos-García, M. Hernández-López, L. Córdova-Albores, L. I. López-Mora, P. Gutiérrez-Martínez and D. Sánchez-Domínguez

Microscopic assessment of scaffold ultrastructure for tissue engineering applications

Costantino Del Gaudio, Silvia Baiguera, Paolo Macchiarini, and Alessandra Bianco

Microscopical study of the digestive tract of Blue and Yellow macaws

M. N. Rodrigues, J. A. P. Abreu, C. Tivane, P. G. Wagner, D. B. Campos, R. R. Guerra, R. E. G. Rici and M. A. Miglino

Structure of elastic-fiber microfibrils more dynamic than that in non-elastic tissue

T. Sawada and S. Inoue

Evaluation of the efficiency of two fasteners used in the preservation of the testicular parenchyma

P. R. Silva Santos; P. A. Cardoso Luz; C. Andrighetto and A. C. Assis Neto

Immunohistochemical markers to differentiate oral precancerous and cancerous lesion: an integrated tissue-based microscopic analysis

Sanjit Mukherjee, Atul Katarkar, Jay Gopal Ray and Keya Chaudhuri

The hydrophilie of the larval test of Ascidiae: functional role played by test cells

G. Dolcemascolo, M. A. Di Bella and M. Gianguzza

Dynamic Microscopy: Reconstructing a Novel Lysosomal Trafficking Pathway

Libin Yuan, Flavia Lorena Carvelli and Carlos R. Morales

Immunostaining of Glycosaminoglycans and Proteoglycans in Marine Organisms

C. Monteiro de Barros, M. S. Gonçalves Pavão and S. Allodi

Light and electron microscopy applied to the characterization of marine species belonging to the genus Chloromyxum, as a study model for myxosporean parasites

S. Rocha and C. Azevedo

Live CLEM imaging: an application for yeast cells

Haruhiko Asakawa, Yasushi Hiraoka, and Tokuko Haraguchi

Meat and meat products microstructure and their eating quality

Massami Shimokomaki, Elza I. Ida, Talita Kato, Mayka R. Pedrão, Fabio A. G. Coró and Francisco J. Hernández-Blazquez

Studies on Blood-Brain Barrier and Brain Edema in Central Nervous System Injury Using Light and Electron Microscopy

Aruna Sharma, Dafin F. Muresanu, Herbert Mössler and Hari S.
The structure of the bovine yolk sac: a study microscopic
A. C. Galdos-Riveros, L. C. Rezende, A. G. T. Pessolato, M. A. Zogno, R. E. Rici and M. A. Miglino

Use of Microscopy to Investigate Nanoparticles Induced Neurotoxicity and Neurorepair Following Nanodrug Delivery

Hari S. Sharma, José V. Lafuente, Z. Ryan Tian and Aruna Sharma

Atomic force microscopy: Studying mechanical properties of a cell

J. Malohlava, H. Zapletalova, K. Tomankova and H. Kolarova

Characterization of the structural/properties correlation of crosslinked dentin collagen fibrils: AFM study

Amr S Fawzy, Lu Thong Beng and NgMah-Lee

Imaging of Cells, Viruses, and Virus - Infected Cells by Atomic Force Microscopy

A. McPherson and Yu. G. Kuznetsov

Mechanical Characterisation of HeLa Cells using Atomic Force Microscopy

K. Tomankova, P. Kolar, J. Malohlava and H. Kolarova

Study of developmental enamel defects of permanent teeth by atomic force microscopy

E. Kaplova, K. Tomankova, H. Kolarova, P. Krejci

The study of living and fixing buccal epitheliocytes morphology by atomic force microscopy

E. Lesniewska, E. Bourillot, D. Carriou, J. Gushina, E. Pudovkina and S.N. Pleskova
Applications of Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy in Dentistry. Study of the changes of the post-extraction sites
Ariadna García-Herraiz, Rafael Leiva-García, Francisco Javier Silvestre and José García-Antón

Superradiant rare-earth doped nanocrystals in the study of persorption processes in the adult intestine

M. M. Godlewski and M. Godlewski

Current opinion in tissue engineering microscopy techniques

L. Tayebi , A. Nozari , D. Vashaee and M. Mozafari

The use of the light microscopy and the atomic force microscopy for studying cell death under hydrogen peroxide influence

Svetlana Pleskova

Microscopic aspects of the yolk sac hematopoiesis from ovine embryos

A. G. T. Pessolato, D. S. Martins, A. Galdos-Riveros, A. M. Fontes, C. E. Ambrósio, R. E. Grassi Rici, D. A. R. Magalhães, A. Castilho-Fernandes, D. T. Covas and M. A. Miglino

Interaction of HPV16L1L2 VLP with stem cells CD34+/CD117+ of the human amniotic fluid

E.A. Kavati, A.C.M. Palumbo, F.B. Andrade, B. Marigliani, D. Sakauchi, E. Leão, E. Armbruster-Moraes, M. Müller, and A.M. Cianciarullo

Microscopic methods to study the structure of scaffolds in bone tissue engineering: a brief review

Mazeyar Parvinzadeh Gashti, Farbod Alimohammadi, Jürg Hulliger, Matthias Burgener, Hanane Oulevey-Aboulfad and Gary L. Bowlin

Microscopy as a tool to follow deconstruction of lignocellulosic biomass

Celso Sant’Anna and Wanderley de Souza

Microscopy in mycological research with especial reference to ultrastructures and biofilm studies

Iqbal Ahmad and Mohd Sajjad Ahmad Khan

Contribution of electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy to investigate the unique organization of mitochondrial DNA from trypanosomatid protozoa

Danielle Pereira Cavalcanti and Wanderley de Souza

Probing dynamic fibril-formation by an integrated microscopic approach

Y. Cao, D. Hamada, Y. Kong, P. Cao, J. Guo and J. Chen

Intracellular distribution of recombinant Human Papillomavirus capsid proteins

B. Marigliani, E.A. Kavati, D. Sakauchi, H. B. Oliveira, R. A. Canali, A. A. Sasaki, J. M. C. Ferreira Jr, E. Armbruster-Moraes, M. Müller and A.M. Cianciarullo

Integrated Optical Systems for Laser Nanosurgery and Optical Trapping to Study Cell Structure and Function

L. Z. Shi, Q. Zhu, T. Wu, M. L. Duquette, V. Gomez, C. Chandsawangbhuwana, M. S. Harsono, N. Hyun, N. Baker, J. Nascimento, Z. You, E. B. Botvinick and M. W. Berns

Protocol for optimization of histological, histochemical and immunohistochemical analyses of larval tissues: application in histopathology of honey bee

E. C. M. Silva-Zacarin, M. P. Chauzat, S. Zeggane, P. Drajnudel, F. Schurr, J. P. Faucon, O. Malaspina, J. A. Engler

The usage of microscopy method for herbal standardizations

Subramanion Jothy Lachumy and Sreenivasan Sasidharan

Comparative analysis of female gonad characters in neoophoran Platyhelminthes: an ultrastructural and cytochemical overview

A. Falleni, P. Lucchesi and C. Ghezzani

Microscopical features of the digestive tract in the rhea (Rhea Americana americana, Linaeus, 1758)

M. N. Rodrigues, G. B. Oliveira, R. S. B. Silva, C. Tivane, J. F. G. Albuquerque, M. A. Miglino and M. F. Oliveira

Application of the digital holographic interference microscopy for study of 3D morphology of human blood erythrocytes

T.V. Tishko, D.N. Tishko and V. P. Titar

Stereological methods for quantitative assessment of hepatic microcirculation

Z. Tonar, L. Eberlová, J. Polívka, O. Daum, K. Witter, A. Králíčková, T. Gregor, L. Nedorost, P. Kochová, E. Rohan, K. Kalusová, R. Pálek, M. Skála, D. Glanc, M. Králíčková and V. Liška

Metallurgical microscopy of Bacterial biofilm representing Cr+6 conversion into Cr+3 by Acienetobacter calcoaceticus, Staphylococcus aureus and Oscillatoria strain.

Anjum Nasim Sabri, Sabeen Sabri and Sikander Sultan

Cell morphological changes combined with biochemical assays for assessment of apoptosis and apoptosis reversal.

Chaitanya Joshi, Bharat Karumuri, Jamie J. Newman and Mark A. DeCoster

Molecular Characterisation of Cell-penetrating Peptides through Live Cell Microscopy – the Past, the Present and the Future

Anthony Jin Shun CHUA, Patricia Annabelle NETTO, and Mah Lee NG

Robotic Microscopy and information technology to increase accuracy, sensitivity and availability of blood cell analyses

V. Medovyi and A. Pyatnitskiy

Applications of micro-computed tomography in endodontic research

M.A. Marciano, M.A.H. Duarte, R. Ordinola-Zapata, A. Del Carpio Perochena, B.C. Cavenago, M.H. Villas-Bôas, P.G. Minotti, C.M. Bramante and I.G. Moraes

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