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The first number of this Polymer Science Book Series was released:

  • Book title: Polymer science: research advances, practical applications and educational aspects
  • Editors: A. Mendez-Vilas, A. Solano-Martin
  • ISBN: 978-84-942134-8-9
  • Publisher: Formatex Research Center
  • Publication date: June 2016

The ebook is freely available for readers at this link: Ebook

Polymers are playing an increasingly important role in today’s society. Due to the diversity of molecular structures and properties, polymers can be designed for multiple applications and can be found everywhere in our daily life.

Research into polymers is perhaps one of the most multidisciplinary sciences. Chemists, biologists, physicists, engineers..., both from academia and industry, contribute to the progress of this science with so different applications: from plastics for common uses like food containers, drink bottles... to special purpose polymers like fuel cell membranes, polymer-based solar cells, drug delivery systems, tissue engineering, biodegradable packaging materials, polymer systems for OLEDs...

The aim of this book is to share the latest research advances in the field of polymer science in a compilation of 60 chapters written by active researchers using original research materials but presented in a way accessible to a public beyond those ones who are specialists in the topic dealt.

This book covers topics related to the synthesis, processing, characterization and modeling of polymers, as well as practical applications in different areas such as energy, environment, medicine, electronic technologies, consumer science...

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We hope readers will find this first number of the Polymer Science Book Series published by Formatex Research Center (Spain) interesting and stimulating, and look forward to receiving new proposals for a new edition in 2018.