Education in a Technological World: Communicating Current and
  Research and Technological Efforts

Education in a Technological World: Communicating Current and Emerging Research and Technological Efforts


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    Editor: A. Mendez-Vilas
    Publisher: Formatex Research Center
    Publication date: December 2011




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Research, Reflections and Innovations in Integrating
ICT in Education

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Highly accessed articles from previous activities

Time Management in E-learning
Tomas Foltynek and Arnost Motycka

Virtual Learning Space WebCT and Podcasting
S. Hubackova

Knowledge or content? The philosophical boundaries in e-learning pedagogical theories.
N. S. A. Silva, G. J. M. Costa, S. Rogerson, and M. Prior

The inhibition of mother tongue interference in foreign language speech perception and production- a proposed solution for European university students
Anthony Stenton

Concept of Educational Design for Serious Games
B. Holm SÝrensen

Environment for effective training in medical image diagnostics
Nina Hrtonova, Michal Javornik, Ales Rocek, and Vladimir Zatloukal

Chemistry education with podcasts. Strategy and effectiveness
N. Miranowicz and M. Miranowicz

Exploring Chemistry Using Virtual Instrumentation – Challenges and Successes
L. M. Gorghiu, G. Gorghiu, T. Alexandrescu, and L. Borcea

Simulated physics experiments developed in the frame of the VccSSe European project
W. Tlaczala1, M. Mazanka, M. Zaremba, A. Zagorski, and G. Gorghiu

Web-apps for the iPhone in Higher Education. Applications for the Degree in Actuarial Science
A. FernŠndez-Morales and M.C. Mayorga-Toledano

Designing an Integrated Web-based Personal Learning Environment based on the Crucial Success Factors of Social Networks
M. Amberg, M. Reinhardt, M. Haushahnand P. Hofmann

An Agent Based Intelligent Search Engine System For Web Mining
S. A. Inamdar and G. N. Shinde

The use of information technologies in teaching chemistry to dyslexic students
A. Kamińska-Ostęp, H. Gulińska

e-Learning 2.0, collaborative tools for People with disabilities
E. Araujo, P.Morais, and S. Kasola

Knowing culture in Second Life: international literacy and the technological know how in a virtual world
Sean William John McMinn

Promoting academic reading with Web 2.0: using social bookmarking to facilitate literature searching and critical analysis
E. J. Thompson, S. Snowden, and N. Bunyan

Electronic portfolios in teacher education: Does sequence matter?
S. D. Arnold and D. De Vito

Designing serious games for foreign language education in a global perspective
Bente Meyer

Immersive worlds as educational environments
Mihaela Banek Zorica, Sonja Spiranec, Kresimir Pavlina

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