Current Microscopy Contributions to Advances 
    in Science and Technology


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Advances in Instrumentation and Techniques

Building a fast scanning stimulated emission depletion microscope: a step by step guide

Pedro Felipe Gardeazábal Rodríguez, Yong Wu, Harpreet Singh, Hui Zhao, Ligia Toro and Enrico Stefani

Optical characterization of subwavelength apertures

N.I. Petrov

The White Confocal – Spectral Gaps Closed

R. T. Borlinghaus and L. R. Kuschel

Detectors for Sensitive Detection: HyD

R. T. Borlinghaus, H. Birk and F. Schreiber

Current optical sectioning systems in florescence microscopy

Pavel Křížek and Guy M. Hagen

Immobilization of living specimens for microscopic observation

Karl J. Aufderheide and Christopher Janetopoulos
Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy: beyond the flatlands
Gutiérrez-Heredia Luis, Flood Peter.
M., and Emmanuel G. Reynaud

STED and GSDIM: Diffraction Unlimited Resolution for all Types of Fluorescence Imaging

R. T. Borlinghaus

Characterization of food texture: application of Microscopic technology

M. Fazaeli, M. Tahmasebi and Z. Emam.Djomeh

Tissue and cytoplasm vitrification in cryopreservation monitored by low temperature scanning electron microscopy (cryo-SEM)

A.S. Teixeira, M.E. González -Benito and A.D. Molina-García

Practical Considerations in the Successful Preparation of Specimens for Thin-Film Cryo-Transmission Electron Microscopy

D. Cheng, D.R.G. Mitchell, D-B. Shieh, F. Braet

Electron Microscopy in the Perspective of Modern Biology: Ultravision and Ultradimension

Somnath Chatterjee, Anirban Roy , Aparna Laskar and Snehasikta Swarnakar

Quantitative image analysis of food microstructure

G. Impoco, N. Fucà, L. Tuminello and G. Licitra

Cryo-TEM and AFM for the characterization of vesicle-like nanoparticle dispersions and self-assembled supramolecular fatty-acid-based structures: a few examples.

Cédric Gaillard and Jean-Paul Douliez

Scale laws for AFM image evaluation: potentialities and applications

M. Prado, L. C. Lima and R. A. Simão

Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy: a powerful probe of unusual electronic phenomena and structural features in molecular electronic materials and photosynthetic proteins

Philip Lukins

Scanning near-field optical microscopy with white-light illumination: nanoscale imaging and spectroscopy of resonant systems.

J.-S. Bouillard and A. V. Zayats

Microscopy in Nanotechnology

Shalini Charurvedi and Pragnesh N Dave

Variable Phase- and Bright-Darkfield Contrast – new Illumination Techniques for Advanced Imaging in Light Microscopy

T. Piper, and J. Piper

The analysis of hyperspectral broadband coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopic images

Alexander Khmaladze
Educational materials on Microscopy

Encouraging scientific cooperation and inclusion through microscopy: a case study

G. M. F. V. Aquije, A. M. N. Korres and S. Q. M. Leite

Introduction to electron microscopy – university educational programme for secondary schools

Eliza Rybska, Jerzy Błoszyk and Zbigniew Adamski

Reproductive Biology Research in Cucurbitaceae by High School Students

A. Zienkiewicz, A. J. Castro, K. Zienkiewicz , D. G. Caracuel, A. M. Cogolludo, C. Enríquez,

J. C. Morales, I. Ruiz-Gámez, M. V. Ruiz-Maldonado, S. Torreblanca, G. Vicente and J. D. Alché

Teaching biology through remote access microscopy

G. Nagy, G. Pinczes, P. Papai, G. Kiraly and G. Banfalvi

Teaching Digital Histology

Carlos R. Morales

The world we can see - a mirror of the microworld?

Eliza Rybska, Zbigniew Adamski, Antoni Wójcik and Jerzy Błoszyk
Applications in Physical/Chemical Sciences

Brewster Angle Microscopy (BAM) for in situ characterization of ultrathin films at air/liquid interfaces

J. J. Giner-Casares and G. Brezesinski

Thermomicroscopy and its pharmaceuticals applications

R. Chadha, P. Arora, S. Bhandari and M. Bala

Thermooptical microscopy (TOM) for the investigation of the crystallisation, melting and supermolecular structure of polypropylene and their multicomponent systems

József Varga and Alfréd Menyhárd

Application of Raman microscopy for spin-phonon coupling and magnon excitation study in nanocrystals

Sheng Yun Wu

Scanning electron microscopy study of carbon induced corrosion of fired refractory castable

P. Ptáček, F. Šoukal, T. Opravil, J. Wasserbauer, J. Havlica and J. Brandštetr

The application of high-resolution scanning electron microscopy to inorganic materials

Y. Zeng, W. Wu, Z.W. Liu, J.J. Hua, C.C. Lin, Q. Feng

FIB-SEM Combination Technique for Characterizacion of Polymer Composites

O. Olea-Mejía, O. Olea-Cardoso and R. Lopez-Castañares

Coupling of SEM-EDX and FTIR-ATR to (quantitatively) investigate organic fouling on porous organic composite membranes

M Rabiller-Baudry, F. Gouttefangeas,  J. Le Lannic and P. Rabiller

Using SEM in monitoring changes in archaeological wood: A review

Safa A. M. Hamed, Mona F. Ali, Nesrin M. N. El Hadidi

Using SEM/EDS for characterization of clay ceramic bearing sugarcane bagasse ash waste

K. C. P. Faria and J. N. F. Holanda

Relationship between microscopy contributions and durability of cement-based composites

Wei-Ting Lin and An Cheng

A Review of Scanning Electron Microscopy Investigations in Tellurite Glass Systems

Ali Erçin Ersundu, Miray Çelikbilek and Süheyla Aydın

Electron Microscopy for the evaluation of concrete surfaces modified by gamma radiation

L.I. Avila-Córdoba, G. Martínez-Barrera, F. Ureña-Nuñez and C.E. Barrera-Díaz

Influence of irradiated polymeric fibers on the mechanical properties of concretes: analysis by microscopy

C. Menchaca-Campos, C.E. Barrera-Díaz, G. Martínez-Barrera and O. Gencel

Microscopic study of cotton fibre subjected to different functional treatments

C.W. Kan, Y.L. Lam and C.W.M. Yuen

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Energy Dispersive X-Ray analysis (EDX) of Daughter Minerals in Fluid Inclusions in Layered Silicate Materials

A. Ruiz-Conde, E. Garzón and P.J. Sánchez-Soto

Morphological characterization of Zn-Based Nanostructured Thin Films

A. Gomes ,T. Frade and Isabel D. Nogueira

Controlled formation of spheres by phase segregation in hybrid organic-inorganic PMMA–SiO2 systems through the silane coupling agent GLYMOS

J. J. Pérez Bueno and D. Morales Acosta

Effect of hydrothermal conditions on the morphology and photoluminescence properties of PbMoO4 powders

M.R.D. Bomio, L.S. Cavalcante, R.L. Tranquilin, F.V. Motta, C.A. Paskocimas, M.S. Li, J.A. Varela and E. Longo

Scanning electron microscopy analysis of sulfur-polymer composite subjected to induced destruction

Milica M. Vlahović and Predrag B. Jovanić

Microscopic study of polyethylene terephthalate metallisation

W.C. Li, C.L. Mak, C.W. Kan and C.Y. Hui

High-resolution (scanning) transmission electron microscopy and related techniques for structural analysis of transition metal oxide nanowires

X. H. Zhu

Analysis of the WO3 nanorods growth on mica muscovite by transmission electron microscopy

V. Potin, S. Bruyère, M. Gillet and S. Bourgeois

Investigation of the elementary mechanisms controlling dislocation/twin boundary interactions in fcc metals and alloys: from conventional to advanced TEM characterization

H. Idrissi and D. Schryvers

Observation by transmission electron microscopy of organic nano-tubular architectures

Noriyuki Ishii

Nanostructural characterization of oxide and solid clusters by high-resolution electron microscopy with residual indices

Takeo Oku

Analytical electron microscopy of gold nanoparticles on nano/microdiamond supports

Sónia A.C. Carabineiro, Miguel Avalos-Borja and Josephus G. Buijnsters

Analytical TEM/STEM Characterization of Mutual Diffusions Occurred at the Electrolyte-Electrode Interfaces in the Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Zhi-Peng LI, Toshiyuki MORI, Jin ZOU, and John DRENNAN

Characterization of nanostructured calcium phosphate-based bioceramics: TEM and SEM/FE-SEM studies

Bahman Nasiri-Tabrizi, Abbas Fahami and Reza Ebrahimi-Kahrizsangi

Applications of High Resolution Electron Microscopy in Structural Analysis of Nanoarrays

Chaolun Liang, Wenxia Zhao, Xianfeng Yang, Mingmei Wu and Yexiang Tong

Microscopy as a tool to control predicted morphology and/or dispersion of a binary and ternary compounds in polymeric particles and fibre.

A. Cayla and F. Salaün
Microscopy Methods in Nanochemistry
Alireza Aslani

Electron Microscopic Studies on the Lithium Ion Conducting Materials

Rajesh Cheruku, Lakshmi Vijayan and G.Govindaraj

Photochromism of Ti(III,IV)/PMMA Opalescent Coatings

Ll. M. Flores Tandy, J. J. Perez Bueno and Y. Meas Vong

Microscopic analysis of bentonite used for adsorption of lead ions in water

E. Manriquez Reza, J. J. Perez Bueno and A. Hurtado Macías

Atomic Force Microscopy-Based Molecular Recognition: A Promising Alternative to Environmental Contaminants Detection

D. K. Deda, C. C. Bueno, G. A. Ribeiro, A. S. Moraes, P. S. Garcia, B. Brito, F. L. Leite

Qualitative investigation of the surface electrical potential in ZnO thin films by scanning surface potential microscopy

N. S. Ferreira

3D-AFM Mapping Surface Investigations and Micro-Structural Surface Features of Some Inorganic Materials

Khaled M. Elsabawy

Piezoelectric Force Microscopy Study of Domain Structure In High Tc Ferroelectric Films

Jingzhong Xiao

Thin films from different materials obtained by the Sol-Gel method: study of the morphology through Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

M. R. Alfaro Cruz , G. Ortega Zarzoza, G. A. Martínez Castañón and J. R. Martínez

Scanning Probe Microscopy Investigation of Metal Oxides Nanocrystalline

Mingkui Wang, Getachew Alemu and Yan shen

Effects of Solvent on Fabrication of Xylan Sulfate Self-Assembled Films Visualized by Atomic Force Microscopy

Hao Liu, Heli Cheng, Shicheng Chen, Chaoying Fu, Shiyu Fu and Huaiyu Zhan

Nanofriction study using atomic force microscopy (AFM) of multilayers based in titanium, chromium and aluminum

L. Ipaz, A. Esguerra-Arce, W. Aperador, F. Espinoza, H. Ruiz

Atomic Force Microscopy study on surface of Thai decorative glasses

P. Dararutana, K. Won-in, S. Satitkune, U. Tippawan and S. Intarasiri

Progress in Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy by Coupling Potentiometric and Amperometric Measurement Modes

R. M. Souto, J. Izquierdo, J. J. Santana, A. Kiss, L. Nagy and G. Nagy

Deposition and Characterization of Semiconducting Molecular-Material Thin Films by Atomic Force Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy

M. E. Sánchez-Vergara, C. Álvarez-Toledano, A. Garduño, J. R. Alvarez-Bada

Characterization of nanocomposite coatings on textiles: a brief review on Microscopic technology

Mazeyar Parvinzadeh Gashti, Farbod Alimohammadi, Guowen Song, Amir Kiumarsi

A comparison of atomic force microscopy, confocal fluorescence microscopy and Brewster angle microscopy for characterizing mixed monolayer surfactant films.

Ala’a F. Eftaiha, Sophie M.K. Brunet and Matthew F. Paige

Complementary microscopy techniques for surface characterisation of uncoated and mineral pigment coated paper

Gary Chinga-Carrasco

Microscopy tools for investigating nano-to-mesoscale peptide assemblies

Emerson R. da Silva, Michelle S. Liberato, Márcia I. de Souza, Rondes F. da Silva, Iorquirene O. Matos, Sérgio Kogikoski Jr., Roberta C. Bianchi and Wendel A. Alves

Development of Nano-Structured HTSC for Application in Medicine

M. Muralidhar, M R. Koblischka and M. Tomita

Microscopic and microanalytical examinations of metallic particles and single textile fibres for forensic purposes

Z. Brozek-Mucha  and J. Was-Gubała

Entropy-Enthalpy Compensation: Is there an Underlying Microscopic Mechanism?

E. B. Starikov, and B. Nordén

Synchrotron soft x-ray and infrared microspectroscopy contributions to advances in feed chemistry and feed science technology

Peiqiang Yu

Automatic microscopes for nuclear emulsion readout in high-energy and particle physics

C. Bozza , T. Nakano

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